Top 10 Best Restaurants to try in Mauritius in 2022

Written on 03/24/2022

Two years later, Covid still hasn’t affected creativity. And people across the world are still out there exploring the best of cuisines available around them. During this, yet another year in 2022, those simple pleasures, unexpected flavours and genuine hospitality matters more than ever. 

Discover Mauritius™ brings to you the list of Top 10 Best Restaurants to eat and clearly,  they’ve been unfurling their napkins in dining rooms from the Northern beaches of Grand Baie to the Salty coasts of Mahebourg in the south. Make your 2022 holiday a gastronomical adventure and Discover the multicultural Mauritian food with the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Mauritius to try in 2022. 

La Rougaille Creole

Founded in 2008 by Sarah and Mike Lafleur, a couple passionate about Mauritian Cuisine, La Rougaille Creole (The Creole Sauce/Curry) is a Family Restaurant set in the scenic beachside of Grandbay in Mauritius. The cozy laid back island ambience within the Colonial Architecture mixed with the soothing sounds of ocean waves, makes one feel at home.

While we usually stereotype island food with overpowering Coconut flavors, La Rougaille Creole takes the local gastronomic experience to a whole new level by tickling your tastebuds with fresh seafood marinated using local spices that invigorate your appetite. If the multicultural aspect of Mauritius has brought anything good for its people, it is La Rougaille Creole who reveals what great quality and diversity the Island’s food scene has beyond the internationally known usual suspects. 

A fine range of drink, delicious and lush seafood sourced straight from the pristine blue ocean and as the name states - A Rougaille Creole cooked with the mouthwatering fairytale of flavors for sophisticated palates, one does not dare to miss out on exploring their Key menu for the month of March - The Ocean Curry, A mix of seafood that includes the Tiger prawn, Fish, Crab, Octopus, Calamari and Prawn - a real example of what culinary beauty moment should look like! It does not stop here, keep your judgements afar until you try The Red Snapper - A Redfish filet cooked in signature creole sauce, you’ll be left finger-licking, we warned you first. 

Oh, and if you are on your date or want to surprise someone, ask the Chef for the secret item and no, we’re not revealing it! Over a decade, La Rougaille Creole has captivated their guests from around the world, who visit Mauritius every year.

While the lockdown has affected this small island economy and even more the local businesses, Discover Mauritius ®™ reached out to Kevin - the COO of the restaurant, who now leads the operations alongside his sister Sharonne, made sure to reach out to the islanders via delivery services and successfully let the creole spices penetrate in every household around the island despite the pandemic - an example of true resilience and hypnotizing aromas that connected people amidst empty streets.

La Table du Château

Food plays an integral part in any holiday experience as it tells tales of our adventures across the world and allows us to immerse ourselves in the culture of that destination. And this is exactly why Chef Fabio Poli set sail to this paradise island of Mauritius in 1998, not only to explore his culinary journey but also to realize his passion by founding La Table du Château in 2011.

During his time in Mauritius, Chef Fabio wowed the Hotel Industry, notably the Beachcomber Hotels in Mauritius with his culinary skills by experimenting with myriads of ingredients giving an unconventional dining experience to the guests. As the famous chef Thomas Keller said - “A recipe has no soul. You as the chef must bring soul to the recipe”, Chef Fabio’s devotion to his passion and his hunger for challenges allowed him to craft an exquisite menu of the golden era with unexplored roots, fruits, vegetables and untold ingredients whose savory flavors many of us are yet to witness. 

For instance, the Bael fruit which is usually served as sweet stewed fruit or served on frozen ice dessert transforms itself into a legendary appetizing dish in the hands of the Chef! Known for being the quintessence of gastronomical experience, Chef Fabio of La Table du Château says, “I prefer to inform my customers that the product is not available rather than serving them a result that I am not satisfied with", a philosophy that leaves every guest amazed. 

To narrow down only one item from their delightful menu would literally leave us in an air of melancholy and no food lover deserves that! Instead, you can explore their carefully crafted Discovery Menu at MUR 1,990 per person or the Seafood Gastronomic Menu at MUR 2,900 per person and you won’t be disappointed.  From Lobster Bisque to Braised Lamb and Palmiste Salad, a unique trance of flavors made with unknown condiments awaits your palate. 

While it does not just stop with La Table du Chateau’s fine dining approach, the entrepreneurial fiber in Chef Fabio has also birthed another innovative and out of the box restaurant called Baudelaire by Chef Fabio, in Mauritius, bringing an extraordinary approach to their menu by prioritizing local products and artistic vision to the world of Gastronomy. So when you visit Mauritius, now is the time to taste the best of both worlds served by the skilled hands of Chef Fabio at La Table du Château and Baudelaire, a lip-smacking experience you cannot afford to miss!

Karay Mario

If culinary authenticity is what you have always sought throughout wildest gastronomic adventures, Karay Mario is then the next restaurant to stop by. An elegant Mauritian fine cuisine restaurant, which places high emphasis on the authenticity of its recipes, Karay Mario is where typical Mauritian dishes are celebrated in every possible way.

Located in the peaceful village of Beau Vallon, Karay Mario’s cuisine is a blend of the freshest ingredients from the locals and the abundant riches of the land and sea. On their curated menu with endless choices, guests can enjoy some delicious creol-style dishes such as ‘Curry de jacques et boucané’, ‘Curry de crabe et bringelles’ or some ‘Poulet Pistache’. Take a flavorsome leap into yesteryear.

Kuumba Coffee

At least once in your life, you must have heard that “Great ideas start with great coffee” and we can’t agree more! Kuumba Coffee tops the list of the coziest Coffee shops in Mauritius. Located in the boutique lifestyle ‘La Petite Palmeraie’ in Tamarin and now recently opened in Floréal, Kuumba Coffee brings a unique coffee experience to your table.

Kuumba Coffee imports coffee beans from all over the world and roast them locally in Mauritius giving them total control from seed to cup. From hot to cold brew like their blueberry milkshake, sweet treats such as homemade almond cake with vanilla ice cream, Kuumba Coffee strives to create an environment for collaboration and innovation.

So, why don’t you pull in for an all round good time?

Green Island Beach Restaurant

Nestled on the awestricking coastal road of Trou d’eau Douce, the Green Island Beach Restaurant impersonates local vibes at its best. If you’re a seafood lover, take note that the seafood corner on the Green Island Beach Restaurant’s menu is worth exploring. Grilled or curry, what’s on your plate is some fresh catch of the day.

A sneak peak into the menu? Well, how about some giant prawns curry, the special Trou d’eau Douce octopus curry or would you rather go for the fish curry with eggplant? Whichever your choice is, all recipes are prepared in the Mauritian style time-honored methods.

Not a fan of curries? Worry not, you still can enjoy other dishes such as the Australian sauteed beef with baby onions, lamb skewer with pepper cream but the absolute must-try at the Green Island Beach Restaurant is their saffron calamari and their palm heart smoked marlin salad.

Le Jardin de Beau Vallon

A splendid colonial house with wooden frames, adorning a vintage decoration, Le Jardin de Beau Valon is the perfect spot to enjoy lunch and dinner. The menu of Le Jardin de Beau Vallon will always surprise you since new recipes and signature dishes from the chef are served on a continuous basis. 

Not just a restaurant, Le Jardin de Beau Vallon, also offers B&Bs services. As the name suggests, the property is snuggled into the middle of a gigantic garden patched with greens and colorful flowers, ideal for peace seekers and nature lovers. Minutes away from the famous sandy white beaches of Pointe d’Esny and the Blue Bay Marine Park, Le Jardin de Beau Vallon is undoubtedly a 100% relaxing experience with the Mauritian touch.

Le Bistrot du Marché

A divine fusion between the Mauritian and the French cuisine with the right dose of fineness by the restaurant’s Chefs, Le Bistrot du Marché opens you the door to a spellbinding location. Found in the maze vintage packed charm of s’mall & chic commercial space in Curepipe, Le Bistrot du Marché is here to warm you up with some great coffee on rainy as well as sunny days. Well, what would be coffee time without a sweet treat? You should definitely try their best selling desert, the ‘carrot snickers’.

Local flavors are not what’s missing in Le Bistrot du Marché’s recipes. So, if you want your taste buds to be dazzled, you should give a try to the house-made salt-crusted fish served with mashed sweet potato and seasonal vegetables or the famous stag burger signed Le Bistrot du Marché.



Wapalapam Island Eatery, kind of a funny name it is, but the food there is worth every single step or every meter driven to reach the destination. Owned by the Former Snowboard World Champion now Restaurateur Rok Flander and his wife Gabriella, Wapalapam is now building its own brand in the Mauritian restaurant industry.

Chef Willibald Reinbacher, creator of Acquacasia is a collection of the flavors of the Indian Ocean, from Africa inspired, to the flavourful Indian Cuisine, to Indonesian delicacies. His wife Gloria also has extensive experience in the Hospitality industry both locally and internationally. All four joined forces in 2017 to create a place where people could take a break from the daily routine, enjoy good food, sip their drinks and relax.

Snuggled at the foothills of the iconic-UNESCO protected area of Le Morne Brabant, Wapalapam Island Eatery adorns wooden furniture for the atypical touch, mixed with plants and macramé which gives an island vibe at first sight. Home to a range of tasty and original dishes, available both in gluten free and vegan options, where fresh-local products are omnipresent, here’s a sneak peak into Wapalapam Island Eatery’s menu;

Their famous fish In Banana Leaf, which is served with grilled corn on the cob. For meat lovers, the black pepper beef is not to be missed. If you’re thinking about a starter, the chili prawns are tailor-made for the great gourmets. Putting aside the delicious recipes, the absolute must-try is their homemade chocolate ice-cream topped with a generous handful of chocolate chips is to die for.  And yes,  for the pleasure of your taste buds, other flavors are also available!

Now that we’ve talked about sweet treats, Wapalapam Island Eatery also serves other house made desserts such as the coconut sagoo with coconut homemade ice cream, the gluten-free coco-choco cake with vanilla ice cream and their famous lemon yogurt cake.

Blessed we are, Wapalapam’s epicurean experience can now be enjoyed in 3 regions on Mauritius island. Apart from the one at Le Morne, the Wapalapam City Oasis concept in Port-Louis and recently at Arcades Currimjee in Curepipe would be delighted to take you on a trip full of flavors. We hence highly advise you to call on 5852 2902 or visit the Wapalapam’s website to book your table.

Chez Tino

Nestled into the beautiful coastal village of Trou d’eau Douce, and founded by Fernand and Marie-Anne Lacour a.k.a Mr & Mrs Tino in 1989, Chez Tino is a restaurant which breathes conviviality, and here’s the little story behind this gem of local food.

Mrs Tino has spent more than 30 years in her kitchen, simmering good little recipes with the same passion for cooking and intensity of effort. From her beginnings with a small food stall on the streets where she selling her 𝒅𝒊𝒑𝒊𝒏 𝒌𝒂𝒓𝒊 to the people of the village and rare tourists, to this day where she now has her own restaurant, Mrs Tino realized her dream of sharing happiness while enjoying good food.

Chez Tino is certainly one of the few places on Mauritius Island where you can have a taste of yesteryear recipes ( ‘manze gramer’ as we say in kreol ) 100% made from local products. Now, if you’re having a hard time finding what to eat at Chez Tino (which can sometimes be a real dilemma) you should definitely go for their revisited seafood paella. With fresh seafood bathed in local spices, this is the mauritian twist bought that makes all the difference.

For more than three decades now, Chez Tino has never failed in captivating the gustative senses of anyone who wanted to try their dishes. And among the must-try list of dishes, you’ll find the famous homemade crab broth ‘bouyon krab’, both the curry and saffroned octopus and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to taste their fresh lobster salad or their house made caramelized pineapple with vanilla and flambeed bananas with rum as desert.

Now, we’ll be giving out a little tip that we think most locals know. It is highly recommended to book your table in advance on 480 27 69, especially during the festive season of December and January. So, on your next trip to Mauritius you know exactly where to land your stomach if you want to taste Mauritian grandmas’ well kept secret recipes.

Roots Spirits

Picture this - a nice place with good music, serving good food and oozing a relaxed atmosphere, admit that there’s nothing better than this after a long tiring day at work. What if we tell you that we got the right spot for you?

Roots Spirits is an open-air bar & restaurant, offering fusion food, tapas and cocktails in one of the most restful ambiences. Settled only meters away from the famous beach of La Preneuse in Black River, Mauritius island, Roots Spirits opened its doors both to locals and foreigners in December 2016.

The two creative minds behind Roots Spirits are Asha and Brandon. Having both previously worked in the restaurant industry, it was obvious for both of them that the following step was to start their own business. Roots Spirits stands out as it is the most value for money restaurant of the region.

When dining at Roots Spirits, bear in mind that you’re embarking on a culinary adventure unlike any other. Chef Asha is here to provide you with dishes that you may have never tasted before such as the in-house best-sellers, the curry flavored mussels and the ‘Authentic Tiger Tears’, if you’ve never heard about this one before, we leave you the delicacy to discover it on the spot!

As the name suggests, Roots Spirits also ticks the box for tapas and cocktails bars and here’s what you can expect from this specific corner of the menu. From eggplant caviar to the coconut breaded shrimps (nothing more Mauritian than this one) accompanied with a fine range of homemade cocktails by Brandon such as the Monkey’s Rum Martini or the painkiller cocktail.

Roots Spirits unearth the heavenly taste cocktail recipes in full blossom of little Mauritius island and invites you on a quest for lust worthy dishes.