2022 Best National Top 5 Universities and Business Schools in Mauritius

Written on 12/22/2021
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In these past two years, the entire world has been put to a halt. Amidst this dull ambience during the pandemic, while we remained behind closed doors, one thing that certainly did not confine itself and continues churning solutions is the Mind, all thanks to - Education. As long as we strive, we must remind ourselves that Education is the only investment that can never be stolen from its owner.

As we embark on this challenging journey into the new year, let’s prioritize the upbringing of the next generation in Mauritius through quality education and industry relevant courses for the youth of Mauritius. So, if you are looking to start your ‘New Year, New Career’ resolution, Here are the 2022 Best National Top 5 Universities and Business Schools in Mauritius with an Innovative approach towards the education system in Mauritius.

1. Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd

A place where you feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to reach your full potential, Polytechnics Mauritius is the number 1 educational institution in Mauritius that has perfectly achieved the synergy between Industry needs, fast moving technological wave and Entrepreneurial spirit of the youth. Known for its innovative approach towards transforming the education system in Mauritius, Polytechnics Mauritius emphasizes on being ‘EPIC - Experiential, Passion, Integrity & Co Creation’ their philosophy that has caught the attention of many youth, students and Parents who are looking for a modern approach towards education in Mauritius. Being the Top notch ​​Higher Technical Institution that focuses on delivering specialised Diplomas and Bsc Top-Up, PML’s education approach is that knowledge is not enough, rather hands-on experience and the development of one's self are crucial to the success of our education system, thus resulting in preparing students not only academically but also work ready. PML is seen as both an alternative as well as a pathway to university.

Crafting your future!

From what was seen as a traditional career pathway, Polytechnics Mauritius brings its own innovative spin to the Mauritian education sector by providing a fresh perspective on the new world careers. For instance, a student completing SC can now enroll for a diploma in Emerging Tech at the age of 17 and after completion can top up for a Bsc in Emerging Tech. This allows the students to shift their focus from the customary academic approach bound by time and resources to being in line with the expeditious technological advent of the world. What better way than to have a career that is exclusively crafted to synergize with your passion! Some 20 years ago, a career in Cybersecurity, IoT, Big Data, Golf Management or Aquaculture did not exist. Today, Polytechnics Mauritius brings to you a profusion of career opportunities to start 2022 with a solid academic foundation and serious Internship culture.

Did you know that 50% of the student's curriculum at Polytechnics Mauritius is about internships? This game changing process for the youth not only prepares them for the industry but also raises their chances of being employed right after their Internship period. Recently, two students set sail to Dubai for a two-year internship at One and Only Royal Mirage Dubai.

With the youth of today becoming conscious citizens, choosing an Academic partner which also meets their holistic needs has become paramount in their future plans. This is exactly where PML sets itself apart from the rest. The concept of PolyIdentity is such that it surpasses academics and initiates students in their lives. PolyCore - is a set of soft skills workshops and PolyCAS focuses on Creativity, Action and Service that are embedded into the curriculum. Moreover, PolyCas Activities like Beach cleaning, Mindfulness session, Zumba/yoga sessions are some of the recurrent activities that are offered on campus organised along with specialised third party/NGOs creating a more lasting impact on students. The campuses are also dotted with student’s corner where they can access a wide variety of indoor games like pool, baby foot etc. 

These critical times have taught us that learning never stops and Polytechnics Mauritius has converted challenges like these into meaningful opportunities for the Youth and evidently refining the Mauritian Education system thus positioning itself as the Nexus of Educational Institutions in Mauritius. 

Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd - Your Door to the Future.

2. Rushmore Business School

Known for its academic excellence and state of the art Infrastructure, Rushmore Business School is a private tertiary education institution founded in 2002, whose aim is to be one of the leading business schools dedicated to the generation, dissemination, and application of knowledge in management. Having formed long-standing partnerships with top-ranking British Universities and awarding bodies such as the notable:

Rushmore Business School brings together a plethora of internationally recognized qualifications for students in Mauritius along with opportunities to explore International placement semesters. 

One of the key achievements that made Rushmore Business School to be the First in Africa is receiving the accreditation by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) along with praiseworthy African Education Leadership Award attributed in 2013 and 2018. With the technological advent, Rushmore Business school provides over 40 courses from Accounting & Finance, Business Management to Diploma in Fintech and Artificial Intelligence to name a few, thus encouraging the students to choose a field of study which is in line with their interests, values, skills and preferences.

In recent years, many students have faced hardships in their career choices mainly due to the lack of trust in the educational institutions. Moreover, the unprecedented consequences of the pandemic have wreaked havoc in the education system across the world. Often students have followed a particular career path as per their interests, but are not easily provided the opportunities based on their invalid course certificates, resulting in anxiety and dilemma among the youth. In order to address this, Rushmore Business School has legitimized their certifications which bears the approval by the Higher Education Commission in Mauritius, the Mauritius Qualifications in Mauritius, and the British Accreditation Council, UK. Rest assured, the students can now start their Career both at a local and international level through Rushmore Business School in Mauritius. 

As the saying goes ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’, Student life at Rushmore Business school goes beyond the traditional Academic norms. The campus organizes indoor and outdoor games for the students and staff such as domino, pool, table tennis and football tournaments, an interesting way of keeping the team spirit alive! The school also has Gym training equipment available for students to use on premises for their sports and fitness activities.

Hannah Wang, an alumni student in Beauty Therapy Services gives her opinion on her experience at RBS. She says - “My study experience was a great achievement in my career. I had the opportunity to complete an internship at Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa to be better equipped, and thereafter, was hired as a freelance spa therapist. Thanks to Rushmore Business School,  I am currently working as a licensed CIBTAC spa therapist at Sugar Beach Resort.

The Business School has come a long way in building its international reputation for excellent teaching and research. Kickstart your career in 2022 at Rushmore Business School in Mauritius. 

3. ENSA Nantes-Mauritius

Architecture is essential for the sustainable development of urban and rural regions. Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nantes is part of the twenty national graduate architecture schools in France and as part of its internationalisation strategy, ENSA Nantes established a branch campus in the Indian Ocean known as ENSA Nantes (Mauritius). Since 2016, this school has been delivering courses in the domain of architecture and urban territories within an innovative pedagogical context. The programmes being developed are coherent with the local and regional development. 

ENSA Nantes-Mauritius is located on the west coast region of the island on Uniciti Education Hub, Pierrefonds and offers two programmes, Bachelor and Master of Architecture and Urbanism. Throughout these programmes, students address current challenges in participatory workshops and work on real site locations. The educational team, composed of both local and international professionals, accompany students throughout their training and ensure high quality teaching. Great emphasis is placed on the creative development and critical thinking of students. Extracurricular activities, such as ArchiAfrika, workshop initiated by International Union of Architects, are organised for students to expose students to a high quality and adaptive learning environment. 

As from January 2022, candidates can enrol either in the programme Bachelor or Master of Architecture and Urbanism. The Bachelor programme is a three-year fundamental degree in the professional fields of architecture, urban planning and design. This intermediate level of training provides access to the Master programme and other postgraduate degrees in the field of construction and urban planning. The Master programme is a two-year advanced degree leading to the Diplome d’Etat d’Architecte (DEA) French national award. Throughout this programme, students further develop critical thinking capacities in relation to architectural issues, independently master architectural and urban design by the deepening of fundamental concepts and knowledge. The eligibility criteria for both programmes are available on the school’s website and on the application forms

ENSA Nantes-Mauritius students experience a rich and fulfilling student life. The student associations created since 2017 allow students to have an active social role within the school and within the academic operations. The student association Parallel recently participated in the Women In Tech Africa Week encouraging women to join the architectural field. Isik’Archi, another student association created by ENSA Nantes (Mauritius), encourages Malagasy architecture students to contribute to local development in Madagascar.

Hassle-free student accommodation is also provided by Uniciti Education Hub at Student Life Residence just minutes away from the campus. Different types of accommodation, such as studios and shared apartments, are offered to meet each student’s budget, giving you the perfect campus experience along with a wide variety of facilities and entertainment.

If you wish to have a creative impact on society, then choose to study architecture at ENSA Nantes-Mauritius.

4. PW Lab Ltd

Fasten your seat belts and get ready to whoosh into the digital future, striding into the unknown of technology and education, information and entertainment. Get set and zoom past the cloud and planet into a surreal world of fun, learning and wonderland.
Fancy being a gaming character and how about racking the brain with coding in your universe?! Here, the weapon to destroy foes, ‘Ad Altiorem Innovatio’, a weapon not for mass destruction but mass resurrection in a world of viruses fleeting like invisible, obliterating the fact that you and only you through the learning and incubation will destroy it into smithereens.

Simply translated, 'Ad Altiorem Innovatio’ means ‘Higher with Innovation’. It’s all about being a high flyer and vanquishing the enemies step by step in a virtual world and the real, imbibing skills to make your dreams and aspirations a reality in this seamless knowledge hub for learning is not for the shy or faint-hearted.

Fly higher with Innovation where gig economy meets Gaming!
PW Lab’s Foundations is all about attitude and anchored to the roots. You need tons of the fire raging inside you and attitude in this Game Development for it’s about evolution and synergy in this world of Games, Gaming, and Gamification in Mauritius.
The brainchild of Panda & Wolf Holding, the Lab is all about innovative and curated courses to the needs of an ever-evolving industry, nurturing learning and grooming talents in offering cutting edge solutions where the gig economy meets digital.

EduTech and InfoTainment: You are gamified
A tale of a digital future merging EduTech with Infotainment (Information and Entertainment) in conquering a market, make it a craze for the youth. Lord Dean affirms, “PW Lab is developing gamified platforms to educate people through gamification. Gamification is adding game elements into non-game environments, like a website, or learning management system to increase engagement of users and make complex technologies user friends and entertaining. An example is our newly launched gamified web platform: Blue Resilience. He calls the latter the first web portal in Mauritius leveraging green gamification techniques to educate people on the oil spill’s ecological

Among the host of innovations, a scratch card game, the mobile game in the offing and the cash out system is the package offered where everything is designed by the first batch of the communication development course under the supervision of mentors.

The Game Development Course is open for January 2022 intake for both foreigners and locals alike, echoing the global philosophy of PW Lab in dual-mode training, offering both digital and in-person tutorials to be booked in advance. Ready yourself for enrolment for seats are filling fast and time is closing. 2022 is knocking fast to push its way into your lives.

5. Open University of Mauritius

With this sudden shift away from the classroom amidst Covid-19 in many parts of the globe, some are wondering whether the adoption of online learning will continue to persist post-pandemic, and how such a shift would impact the worldwide education market. When we look at Mauritius, this Institution has adapted to the new normal brilliantly!

Known as the fastest-growing public university in Mauritius that specialises in open and distance learning, the Open University of Mauritius was established on 12 July 2012 under the Open University of Mauritius ACT 2010. Open University of Mauritius delivers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including PhD and DBA and a number of short courses (CPDs, soft skills) through a blended approach. With the uprise in Digital transformation, careers in the field of technology have now become predominant. To support this fast moving growth, Open University has forged strong partnerships with prestigious international institutions such as 

  • Commonwealth of Learning

  • Imperial College, London

  • John Wiley and Sons

  • University Canada West

As well as their remarkable memberships with various associations such as the Association of Commonwealth Universities, International Association of Universities, African Council for Distance Education, Distance Education Association of Southern Africa, amongst others provide the necessary elite exposure to the Mauritian Students when it comes to choosing quality education. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, nearly 40 million students across the world, more than half of them in primary schools, were affected by school and university closure. But the Open University in Mauritius had other innovative plans to deal with the lockdown and closure of premises. Being an open distance learning institution, the students have an advantage as they are not required to be physically present on campus. This remote learning approach, allows the students to not only learn at their own pace but also save time in their long hours of commute to and from the campus. The huge adjustments we have made for the coronavirus lockdown especially in Mauritius, means that some technologies have increased in importance while some sectors such as the emerging Blue Economy became the focus. Thus, Open University has launched BA (Hons) Law, Blue Economy and Sustainable Fisheries Management, which is a unique programme conceived to remedy skills shortages in the fisheries sector and to serve the needs of Africa and the Indian Ocean countries. This programme shall be delivered online. Moreover, making use of the technological advent, Open University provides self-learning materials to its learners through its e-learning platform, who can study in the comfort of their homes, at any time and from anywhere in the world. This readiness in times of such an unprecedented event, has proved quite agile for the youth in Mauritius who have now adapted to the new normal much faster than the older generations. 

In recent days, many students have faced an issue concerning the certificates received by the awarding bodies to be either not recognized internationally or at times, locally. This is where the Open University of Mauritius supports the education of the Mauritian Youth as it is a Public University having full awarding powers as granted by the Open University of Mauritius Act (2010).

Termed as the “second most important provider of higher education in the country” as reported in the publication by the Higher Education Commission, the Open University of Mauritius is THE elite university to be chosen for your further studies in the upcoming 2022 intake in Mauritius.