Beau Plan Smart City: Diversity in the heart of nature!

Written on 12/20/2021

Nestled in the north of the island, minusciously crafting a one-of-a-kind framework where people will. A developing city, providing a sustainable urban environment with easy access to key parts of the island. Beau Plan yields the right dose between mother nature and urban life. Want to know more about the city of tomorrow? Let us explore!

 Live, Work, & Play

A modern yet creative living environment, Beau Plan Smart City is the perfect blend between work, life and leisure time where one can easily find a balance between the busy professional schedule and social life.

Get inspired with a dynamic workplace!

Offices, commercial spaces, business hotels or business parks, showrooms or specific areas for workshops, dedicated both for small and large enterprises, Beau Plan provides a dynamic-friendly work environment, where not only professionals but artisans and merchants can meet and exchange.

Working in Beau Plan allows you to tap into the region's rich natural heritage while also taking advantage of its many conveniences. Beau Plan is ideally positioned 15 minutes from the island's north, center, and Capital City, in addition to its unique quality of working life.

Smart Living comes to live with Mango Village

Soaked up into peacefulness and indulge into a harmonious living environment with Mango Village. Following a first successful commercialisation phase, Mango village has recently launched a new phase of apartments, duplexes and penthouses. Capitalizing on high standard living, adorning a bold-contemporary architecture, the alleys of mango trees add that authenticity touch of this beautiful property in Beau Plan. 

The Mango Village of Beau Plan is conveniently located, with everything you need at a walking distance. Mobility within Beau Plan is a child's play, given the well-designed walking and cycling lanes connecting the city's core amenities. Other facilities include: 

  • Secure neighborhoods

  • Residential, commercial & office amenities

  • Extensive leisure activities

Making Investment easier for Foreigners

The Smart City Scheme aims to boost the country's economic growth by promoting innovative and smart developments as well as better urban planning. It provides a perfect investment framework for foreigners, with a diverse range of alternatives spanning from residential and commercial property to leisure, educational, and sporting facilities, with a special emphasis on culture and other creative areas.

Investing in Beau Plan, is synonymous to taking part into the thrill of a rapidly developing region where fresh chances are ripe for the taking. Strategic, practical, authentic and innovative, choosing Beau Plan smart city as your home is choosing a better lifestyle with work-life balance and a focus on sustainability. 

Unleash your creativity!

A smart city infused with culture, artist residencies, music, dance, arts and crafts, and much more. Set as a cultural revolution, the Creative Park of Beau Plan is dedicated to the promotion of Arts & Culture. Home to Patrick Mavros Atelier, a creative space & co-working local shop & café, L’Atelier des Artisans, Le Studio Dance School, African Trader and Sharon Thompson’s Studio, the Creative Park is tailor-made for entrepreneurs, culture vultures and families in search of fun.

The legendary sugar museum is also housed in the Creative Park. Take a trip back in time and visit one of the island’s oldest sugar factories, the only institution of the island dedicated to sugar history. L’Aventure du Sucre will take you on a fascinating journey through the rich history of the Mauritian sugar cane industry. Every year, L’Aventure du Sucre creates exhibitions focused on the environment and sustainable development. So, when are you planning for a little stroll around the museum?

A city overflowing with culture, where free reign to your passion is not an option, Beau Plan smart city embodies a contemporary and sustainable architecture at nature’s heart, perfect for a serene life!

A relaxing moment #ByTheLake

Have a taste of a unique shopping experience by the lake! Mahogany Shopping Promenade is where you’ll find iconic local and international brands to satisfy your shopping craze. After hours of shopping or a long day at work or you simply want to spend a nice moment, Mahogany Shopping Promenade has 3 open terraces, a sumptuous rooftop bar and a food court where you can taste different cuisines, and make memories #ByTheLake. 

More than just a shopping mall, Mahogany Shopping Promenade is a people-centred project inviting you to a multidimensional experience. Rich in stunning panoramas where our natural heritage is at its peak. Want to know the best part of it? Picture this, after a good diner, let yourself be dazzled #ByTheLake with ‘Le Champs des Lumières’. An artistic project consisting of numerous automatic lighting integrated within the Mahogany Shopping Promenade mind-blowing lake. As the sun goes down, admire the reflections of this chef-d’oeuvre.