10 meyer baz Minn bwi !

Written on 08/20/2021

Photo Credits: Ashvina Gangoo

Undoubtedly a melting pot of cultures, this mix of different flavours can be felt in the Mauritian cuisine. It’s a known fact that ‘Minn bwi’  translated in English as boiled noodles, tops almost every locals' favorite food list. Today, Discover Mauritius ®™ brings to you an extensive list (based on our loyal users suggestions) of  the best places to savour a one-of-a-kind ‘minn bwi’!

Photo Credits: Ashven Ramsamy

Ajay Snack has seen a rise in popularity throughout the last year, leading to it being ranked as one of the best noodle places on the island. The snack is renowned for its rich and meaty broth accompanying flavourful noodles. From the salmi to the chasive boiled noodles, hearty food lovers will be pleased. If after that ‘minn bwi’ there’s still a small place in your stomach, you should definitely try their oh-so-popular ‘bouillon crabe’ (crab broth). 

Lanzhou Lamian

Located in the maze of enclaved Chinese culture that is Chinatown, if you are on the lookout for authentic hand-pulled noodles, Lanzhou Lamian is the place for you. Adhering to islamic laws, the Lanzhou noodle is a unique delicacy which bridges two different cultures together. Topped with sauteed beef or chicken, Lanzhou Lamian is where one can taste freshly made noodles with craftsmen at work in front of you and experience different styles of chinese cuisine.

Chef Shymi snack 

The art of cooking is brought to you by Chef Shymi! Delve in a world of flavors and customize your boiled noodles as you like. Chicken, lamb, seafood or alongside a spicy crab broth, the ‘Minn bwi’ at Chef Shymi will tickle your taste buds and make your stomach ask for more. Always serving creativeness in a bowl, Chef Shymi is the only place where you’ll get to taste the famous chicken salmi boiled noodles topped with ‘boulettes’ of your choice, a typical mauritian ‘satini pomdamour’ and the final touch, a runny egg yolk or cooked as you desired.


We can’t deny that Mauritians love this mix of different cultures in their plates. For that, you’ll never be disappointed with Robirosh’s variety of options to choose from. ‘Minn bwi’ with chicken, lamb, octopus or the “oh-so popular” salted fish. Accompanied with a ‘satini pomdamour’ or ‘salad gato pima’, Robirosh’s minn bwi is a real mouth-gasm to local gastronomes. 

Noodle Garden 

On the lookout to design your own ‘Minn bwi’? Noodle Garden is the place to be! Step by step, create your own dish to fill your hungry stomachs. With your freshly boiled noodles add the toppings of your choice and enjoy their unique ‘rollercoaster’ experience.

Chef magic hands

Think of a yummy bowl of boiled noodles with the meat of your choice, be it chicken, meat or lamb and to top it off, you can choose to add it’s famous breaded shrimp. A delight to both our eyes and stomachs!

Chez François

It is almost part of the Mauritian tradition, that when you’re driving to Mahebourg, you have to stop at Chez François. A little snack with some gems in the kitchen, from boiled to fried noodles, passing by crispiest chicken and crab broth, Chez François will always surprise your gustative senses. Yet, the absolute must-try there is their in-house speciality, the famous ‘minn bwi mangoak'

Baz Take

One address growing in popularity during the last months is Baz Take. A place where typical Mauritian dishes are at its best, Baz Také is another great spot in Mahebourg to appreciate a good ‘minn bwi’. Sure, you might find yourself having to wait a little but the wait is worth the taste.

Yesfood Moris

If ever you’re heading to the north of the island and the sudden crave for some boiled noodles hits you, we got you the right address! Yesfood Moris is one of the few places in the north where you can enjoy a real ‘minn bwi’ with the most unique toppings; ‘ourite’, ‘toufe pwason’, lamb salmi or clam, the hardest thing to do is to choose.

Photo Credits: Sheryl Samy

Bonto Wok Snack Mauritius

Want some sizzling hot boiled noodles? Bonto Wok Snack comes with a rather new and captivating culinary concept! Brought to you in a hot stone, your boiled noodles are accompanied with its sauté or another side dish of your choice and can be topped with an egg.  A sizzling hot meal which definitely appeals to all asian fusion food lovers. 

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