Mauritius Premium Visa: How to obtain it?

Written on 08/10/2021

We must agree that not everyone has a good affinity with forms filling process and by ‘not everyone’ we meant everybody. If the new procedures concerning the Premium Visa and all these paperwork stresses you out, worry not! You do not have to go through never ending documents anymore since Discover Mauritius ®™ brings to you the easy steps to obtain your premium visa.

The Premium Visa was designed to encourage people willing to come to Mauritius for a long stay, being it as a tourist, retiree or a professional (with his/her family) carrying out his/her business in Mauritius or working remotely from Mauritius. The Premium Visa allows a non-citizen to stay in Mauritius for a period of one year, with possibility of renewal. 

If you’re part of the interested visitors for the Premium Visa, you should produce proof of your long stay as well as adequate health and travel insurance for your period of stay while bearing in mind that you’ll have to meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants should not enter the Mauritian Labour Market

  • The main place of business, source of income and profits should be outside Mauritius

  • Documentary evidence to support application such as purpose of visit and accommodation

Here are the few steps towards obtaining your Premium Visa:

  • Pre-book your flight

  • Apply for the Premium Visa online here

  • You shall receive your Premium Visa via email

  • Book accommodation for stay in Mauritius

  • If your PCR Test is negative, you will be authorized to travel

If any change in accommodation is to be made, you shall notify the Passport Immigration Office. Any passenger arriving to Mauritius will have to undergo PCR tests on day of arrival, day 7 and day 14 following arrival. If the PCR test results are positive, the person will be transferred to a public medical institution for treatment.

Long Stay Visa

A Long Stay Visa allows any non-citizen and his/her dependents to stay in Mauritius for a consecutive period of 10 years, renewable depending on his/her status of property ownership on the island. To be eligible for the Long Stay Visa, one shall acquire an apartment in a ground plus two (2) complex, that is a building of at least two floors above ground floor, located outside of approved residential schemes, for a price exceeding USD 500,000 or its equivalent in any convertible currencies. The Long Stay Visa remains valid for as long as the non-citizen is the owner of the property.

Permanent Resident Permit (PRP)

The Permanent Resident Permit is a 20-year residency designed for investors, retirees, professionals, self-employed entrepreneurs, and their family, who wish to live and work in Mauritius. The Permanent Resident Permit can be obtained under different conditions and can be renewed for another 20 years if all requirements are met.

How to qualify for a Permanent Resident Permit?

  • For investors, they have to achieve an annual gross income of at least MUR 15 million for 3 consecutive years preceding the application or achieving an aggregate turnover of MUR 45 million for any consecutive period of 3 years preceding the application.

  • For Retired Non-Citizen, they will have to transfer at least USD 54,000 or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency during the 3 years preceding the application.

  • For Professionals, they shall be receiving a monthly basic salary of at least MUR 150,000 for 3 consecutive years preceding the Permanent residency application.

  • For self-employed entrepreneurs, they shall achieve an annual business income of at least MUR 3 million for 3 consecutive years, immediately the application.

Invest, Work, Acquire & Retire in Mauritius

Being one of the most dynamic developing countries in Indian Ocean, Mauritius is definitely a go-to landing place to invest due to its affluent geographical positioning. At the crossroads between Asia and Africa, the Mauritian government offers a 10-year Occupation Permit as a value investing incentive through different means of investment:

  • Residency by Investment: Offering a residency with a competitive business environment, Mauritius is where you’ll get to benefit from a variety of tax incentives and opportunities for investment.

  • Residency by Innovation: If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur, with the ability to innovate and drive change, Mauritius offers you a 10-year residency by innovation to foreign nationals with no minimum investment required.

  • Residency for self-employed entrepreneurs: A non-citizen who wishes to engage in a professional activity in Mauritius can register its business activity with a minimum investment of USD 35,000 and live with a 10-year residency.

  • Residency by investing USD 375,000: Any foreign investor who invests at least USD 375,000 in a licensed business activity is eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit. An exclusive 20-year residency is given to ensure your business is productive.

Work in Mauritius? Yes, you can! Mauritius offers great opportunities to expats willing to explore the Mauritian job market. Foreign students who have studied in a tertiary education institution in the country are also eligible for a maximum 3-year Youth Professional Occupation Permit, depending on the duration of the employment contract. If you’re part of the Diaspora, we advise you to have a look at the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme since it offers a range of incentives.

Obtaining residency by property acquisition in Mauritius is possible with the different schemes approved and managed by the Economic Development Board. The different schemes are the Integrated Resort Scheme, the Real Estate Scheme, the Property Development Scheme, the Smart City Scheme and the Ground + 2 Apartments. Non-citizens and their dependents are eligible for a residence permit when he/she acquired a property under any of those schemes, at a minimum amount of USD 375,000. 

Yet, for the Ground + 2 Apartments, the apartments should be located in condominium developments of at least two levels above ground (G+2) and the purchase price should not be less than MUR 6 million or its equivalent in any other convertible foreign currency. 

Retire in Mauritius

Warm weather, peaceful lush green environment and crystal clear beaches, Mauritius is certainly one of the best places to enjoy your retirement. With just USD 1500 monthly, a non-citizen retiree can benefit from a 10-year Residence Permit. The Residence Permit also offers you the possibility to apply for a 20-year Permanent Residence Permit after 3 consecutive years.

Invest, work, acquire, retire or simply for a long stay, as Mauritius will open its borders in October 2021, now’s the time for some strategic planning. With all the options and schemes made available, the choice is entirely yours.

All information for this article were obtained from the Economic Development Board & Passport Immigration Office websites