Top 5 Companies to help you with Visa and Relocation to Mauritius

Written on 07/06/2021
Discover Mauritius™

Let’s Face it. Two years after the Covid-19 pandemic backtracked the Business World, the role of Management companies has become more important than ever before, precisely due to their ability to guide organisations and Individuals through disruption.

Finally, the Island gods have heard our prayers and thus, this paradise island of Mauritius has now announced the opening of Borders for all vaccinated individuals across the 7 seas. Amidst the ever evolving pandemic, the challenge for foreigners and companies becomes identifying those consultancies best equipped to help them navigate the transformation ahead. And ofcourse, When travelling to any country, visa norms are the first thing that stresses you out, right? Discover Mauritius ®™ is here to guide you through the top 5 companies that help you with Visa and Relocation services to Mauritius.

TBI Mauritius

TBI is an Independent consultancy firm run by British Lawyers, with offices in Mauritius and London, that provide a full spectrum of services for those coming to do business in Mauritius, invest in Mauritius, or relocate to Mauritius. 

From residence permits, Investor Permits, occupation permits to the recent addition of premium visas and much needed legal assistance, TBI engages with you for getting the necessary documents when relocating to Mauritius. What sets apart TBI Mauritius from the 1000s of Consultation companies is their step by step guidance to foreigners that begins with a preliminary advice about relocating to Mauritius. With the experience amassed by their existence on this African island for over a decade, this company assists you in getting your Mauritian Visas and Mauritian permits, finding accommodation by the sunny beaches of the North, legally setting up offshore Mauritian companies, purchasing businesses and planning your retirement on this exotic location, to name a few.

Philip Tsalikis, Director of TBI Mauritius, ensures a very personal approach towards his clients. With trust and excellent services being part of their key values,  Each application process starts with a video call between the client and the Director. This one on one approach of Communication, allows a better understanding of the clients’ expectations and thus allows them to provide bespoke services keeping in mind the different needs of every client. 

Assisting with every aspect such as permits issuance, shortlisting the right schools and jobs for a Family or individuals, TBI staff tailor the relocation process to Mauritius according to their demographics and budget. The full range of concierge services is also provided to foreigners upon their arrival in Mauritius - an expertise that’s been top of mind for clients in recent months. That, coupled with the experience and knowledge of the local landscape, TBI makes your relocation to Mauritius smoother through their curated approach. If you are looking to relocate to Mauritius and need assistance with specific permits, contact TBI Mauritius on 

Gibson and Hills

Unlock the doors of Mauritius with Gibson and Hills. More than 700+ projects realised across all the industry sectors, Gibson and Hills has got your back! Backed by a strong team of professionals who have solid experience in different areas of an enterprise, Gibson and Hills is here to serve you in the most efficient way right from immigration services to management services. 

Offering more than 20 years of experience with a human touch, Gibson and Hills helps you with the issuance of different kind of permits required in Mauritius such as:

  • Investor Permit for those who want to relocate their business to Mauritius

  • Occupational Permit for those who were hired by a Mauritian company for work

  • Self-employed for those who want to set up their own business in Mauritius

  • Retired Permit senior non citizen of Mauritius (aged 50 or above) who wish to retire in this tropical island country

The Group founded by Mr. Nadeem Mosafeer and Mrs. Adilla Mosafeer, is one of the leading consultancy firms in Mauritius with a wide scope of services. Irrespective of the chosen schemes, Gibson and Hills provides a solution to your every need. If you are a Foreigner moving to Mauritius, Gibson and Hills will hold your hand throughout this journey. For example, opening a bank account in Mauritius, Looking for that perfect beachside house, vehicle acquisition, schooling assistance for kids and all the complexities that are involved when you relocate to Mauritius.

Moreover, as experienced entrepreneurs, the Directors of Gibson and Hills thoroughly understand the precise requirements to set up your business in Mauritius. With the advent of technology followed by the rise in competition, protecting your innovation and designs has become crucial than ever. To help you in securing your Intellectual Property and Trademarks in Mauritius, Gibson and Hills paves the way by providing you the necessary legal assistance for your IP security. 

If ever you want to set up your business in Mauritius, Gibson and Hills provides you with a full business set up and management solutions including HR Management, Recruitment, Operational Management, Business Compliance & Audit among others. Their services are not linked to fee-bound relationships but mainly based on the Mauritian cosmopolitan philosophy. 

AAA Global Services Ltd

Having tightly integrated world class strategic partners spread across five continents, AAA Global Services is a reputed Management Company for your Business Administration needs in Mauritius. If you are an Entrepreneur, an established Business owner or an Investor, their highly skilled and diverse talents will help you in achieving your Business endeavors in Mauritius. 

From Business Administration, Expatriate services, Corporate Structuring to Assistance on Global Business Licenses and Regulatory Sandbox license, AAA Global services offers you a linear approach in setting up your business in Mauritius. Their diverse portfolio of clients across traditional industries of Hospitality, Renewable energy, Mining  and creative sectors such as Gaming portray the immense knowledge and expertise the company has, thus, providing a value added service.

Foreigners wishing to work and live in Mauritius are now able to make use of the various schemes offered by the Government of Mauritius, one of them focusing on Owning of Property in Mauritius. Whether it is the Work - Live - Play vibe of the North of Mauritius or retire by the beach in the Westcoast of Mauritius, AAA Global Services will navigate you through this transformation. 

Pleion Consulting Ltd

Relocation can be very tedious and is more so in these challenging times of Covid-19 Pandemic. With Mauritius being an ideal destination having favourable tropical climate, powdered white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Pleion Consulting Ltd has well established its base right where you need to relocate. Having their presence in Switzerland and Mauritius, this company specialises in Advisory and Business services across various fields such as Wealth Management, Relocation, Private Concierge, IT to name a few.

With decades of experience and International expertise, Pleion Consulting ltd supports you across Business Consulting, Communication, Accounting & Tax, Human Resources and Legal services in Mauritius. Equipped with a familiarity and Knowhow of local legislation, the company caters to all your needs to make your arrival to Mauritius hassle free and provide a peaceful lifestyle. Through their partner company Pleion Private services, the relocation service in Mauritius takes care of their clients right from Application of Occupation or resident permit, Follow ups with Authorities and Immigration, Importing your Pets to Mauritius, Real estate maintenance and organisation to Concierge services, Support for purchase of vehicles, Support for insurance policies for families and much more. Relocating to Mauritius for Work or to Retire? Pleion Consulting Ltd is where you will find an all in one approach to your Relocation needs in Mauritius. 

Rosemont Management (Mauritius) Ltd

Given the fast changing international regulations and practices, Rosemont Management (Mauritius) Ltd is one of the Management companies that provide relevant services to internationally active businesses, entrepreneurs, family enterprises and heads of enterprises. Their services are focused on cross-border trade and international corporate structuring within the African and Indian Ocean Regions, as well as between Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. 

Moreover, Rosemont’s Residency and Citizenship services in Mauritius gives a complete and comprehensive approach to the clients needs. From advising, assisting Immigration queries to application of relevant Visas to Mauritius, Rosemont Management is where you can find the right advice on how to apply for Visa and Immigration to Mauritius.

As Mauritius opens its borders from July 15th 2021, now is the time to Discover Mauritius once again with the help of these top 5 companies for your visa and immigration requirements for Mauritius.