You & Me by Nahïss: Be dazzled by some impressive vocals!

Written on 12/02/2020

Apart from the lockdown phase, 2020 brought us some great loads of electrifying talented artists in the Mauritian Music industry. Among these artistic streams of up-and-coming vocalists, is Nahïss. A young debut artist who’s been conquering the streaming platforms since yesterday with her catchy new single You & Me!

With her majestic braid hair, eyes shining bright and a smile which cheers up the world, behind this beautiful soul who is Nahïss hides some powerful vocals.

Her debut on the scenes

Like many artists, Nahïss grew up surrounded by music. “I am very thankful for music as part of my inborn quality and a gift received from God”, says Nahïss. Everything gets started when Nahïss entered in the music competition for children Star 2014 and despite her very young age, she reached the finals. Little did she know that she was paving her own way to a giant step into the music industry.

You & Me: The story behind!

“I like posting videos of myself singing on Facebook, through these videos I can share my good vibe and I was approached by Beat Maker for a musical project” entrusts Nahïss.

As soon as she heard the beats, her artistic blood boiled with creation and she started to think about good lyrics to suit this unique beat. Some artists will tell you they need to be in a peaceful place to create fun fact, You & Me’s lyrics were a masterpiece composed in the bus.

“ I was travelling by bus in the morning to go to school, I was listening to the beats on my phone and inspired by my surroundings, the lyrics came to me instantly. I wanted to ink down a song to which everybody can relate”, adds Nahïss.

Leaving no stones unturned to bring about an atypical twist to her music, Nahïss is determined to make her voice being heard. Turning every challenge she’s facing as a young artist into a positive learning lesson, she got her skin thicken and ready to accept more challenges.

“Music is an art and a way to develop your creativity. Through my music I want to convey a message of positivity and empowerment, we need to empower each other in order to grow”, says Nahïss.

Stay tuned to more surprises! Although an album will happen in the near future, for the time being few singles will be released soon with some text in kreol and why not some featurings!

You & Me can be listened to on Discover Mauritius™ and on every platform where music can be consumed!