Discover Mauritius™: The multi-award Cultural Travel Guide App

Written on 10/13/2020

At Discover Mauritius™ we share with you the local culture and beauty of our paradise island! From the magical colonial-clad houses by the streets of Port Louis   to the multi cultural culinary experiences, Mauritius is an Island worth discovering. Yet, how much do you know about Discover Mauritius™? Today’s article is focused on our achievements and awards, jump on that journey with us to know more!

Seedstars World Competition 2020/21

Each year from June to November, the Seedstars team put on their hunter cap and look for the most promising early-stage startups from more than 90 emerging markets that will receive intensive training on how to be investment-ready. Those startups will first take part in local stage competitions, then comes the regional part and finally the global stage competitions will take place.

Well, guess what? Being a fast-evolving startup in the technological sphere and with its innovative approaches to create awareness among its 250k plus worldwide users, Discover Mauritius™ is  the winner of the regional stage competitions of Seedstars 2020/21

The 2020 AIS Innovation Challenge by UNDP

A two-round business competition looking for early-stage startups that have a unique business model that can help themselves, other companies or society at large withstand a crisis situation. The objective here is to assist AIS Forum Secretariat to find solutions or business ideas that will strengthen the economy of Archipelagic and Island States, which are more vulnerable to climate change impacts.

Deeply concerned with the Wakashio oil spill crisis, Discover Mauritius™ stood hand in hand with all the volunteers during this hard time by creating an Oil Spill Map section where everyone could follow the situation and contribute by posting pictures of specific regions taken by the oil spill storm.

Being the first Mauritian app to come up with an Oil Spill Map and to promote, for free, the local south-east businesses affected by the oil spill, we found ourselves being among the top 10 winners of the AIS Innovation Challenge 2020. Discover Mauritius™ is the only non-indonesian and the only startup in Mauritius to have won!

NINJA Business Competition 2020

Launched by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for businesses emerging during the Covid-19 outbreak, even though Discover Mauritius™ is not an emerging covid-19 business, the mobile app is the proud winner of this award as it presented solutions towards communicating essential alerts and important messages amidst the pandemic and the Wakashio situation.

2019 was our year too!

The Southern Africa Startup Award brings together talented entrepreneurs and celebrates high caliber founders who drive their business with passion. Well, it will be nearly one year now that Discover Mauritius™ is the proud holder of two SAS awards for the Best Newcomer and Best Media Partner.

At Discover Mauritius™, we are for Art & Cultural promotion. Featured on Discover Mauritius™ Talents Corner, Kavi Joganah, an outstanding young sega-man was awarded the first prize in the Music category in 2019 by ARTA Indianoceanika, a prestigious award-giving body.

Three years ago Discover Mauritius™ was designed to promote the local culture and the beauty of our little paradise island. At that time, little did we know that this app created within the walls of a small room would be awarded so many international prices and would act as a real game changer in today’s economy!