Building: The play not to be missed!

Written on 09/21/2020

Do you know that feeling of deep fatigue especially on a Monday morning? Sleepy and drained of all energy but trying hard to type a five paged document for a meeting in the next hour accompanied with your third cup of coffee. The only remedy to survive, is to add a touch of humour to it, don’t you agree?

A combination of punchy writing mixed with the originality of a dramatic construction together with some unique characters, ‘Building’ is the new play that will be welcoming summer. Narrating about the degenerating corporate world, through the characters and the scenes of this play, the public will witness reality of the job sphere in its purest form.

The 29 characters in the play will be interpreted by the first class of students from the Caudan Arts Centre in partnership with PLP Théâtre Académie, they will take on several roles by changing a detail like a pair of shoes, glasses, a scarf, the deep identity erasing under the function and the uniform. Building is, 29 characters to be interpreted by 9 comedians, a real challenge for the students!

The staging will take into account the chronology of a full working day, from the parking lot at 8 a.m., then one stage per floor up to the top of the building at 8 p.m. The play emphasizes on different levels of tensions at work, throughout the day, the more you climb to the top of the building, the more the characters suffocate under social pressure.

Few words from the talented stage director!

“The play itself is a real actor's performance. Very lively, it is a real challenge for the students since the text is particularly sustained and the characters evolve throughout the play. The work is intense but I am fascinated by the positive attitudes we are all surrounded with. Yet, the real obstacle we faced was to keep this project alive despite the confinement episode. We unfortunately lost some actors for various reasons linked to the pandemic but we decided to keep going as a team!”, says Pierre-louis, the staging director.

“ I am very moved and proud because this is the first class of the school that I created which presents its first project. It’s like a dream come true and which will also be presented to the public in a magical place "Le Caudan Arts Centre". They will have the opportunity to be brought up to the same rank as the professionals in the trade and this is a great opportunity for them”, he entrusts us.

Without taboos, this play will allow the audience to identify themselves with the different characters. The message behind is pretty clear, "What kind of human are you and what kind of human would you like to be?”. A playful, acidic and poetic universe with a humoristic touch as we go up the floor. A turn of the dial that cannot be stopped, a rise towards an inevitable disaster of the corporate world.

Staged by Mr. Pierre-Louis Paillusseau

Actors: Kim Siew, Shiv Santosha ‘Santosh’ Saddul, Alexa Marie-Jeanne, Katherine Raffray-Hargreaves, Laurence Vallet, Arnaud Jean Pierre, Giovanna Gandus, Rachel de Speville-Mamet and Annshy Jhurry.