Biscuiterie H. Rault: A family biscuit story

Written on 07/30/2020

Cassava or “manioc” for the locals, has been a famous vegetable since years, and is treasured for its good nutritive facts, its innumerable variety for different dishes and of course, for its unique taste. Yet, the best-known snack by locals, which, with one bite, revives their childhood, is that of the cassava biscuits or fondly known as biscuit manioc.

Located in the scenic village of Mahebourg, the Biscuiterie H. Rault is an icon of Mauritian Familial culture. Made and run by the family Rault, we invite you to listen to the fascinating story behind this iconic and culturally rooted biscuit factory.

Hard to believe that the Biscuiterie H. Rault has existed for nearly 150 years! Originally from Brittany, it is the ancestor of the Rault family, Hilarion Rault, son of the colonist Fabien Rault who arrived in Mauritius around 1808, was the one who stumbled upon the discovery of the biscuit manioc.

Trying to reproduce Brittany’s specialities, the legendary butter shortbread, it was the cassava that caught Hilarion’s attention and he was impressed by its unique texture and taste. With the lack of ingredients in Mauritius at that time, he hit his Eureka moment as he decided to mix the original butter shortbread recipe with Cassava and behold -  the famous biscuit manioc was born!

Out of all the things you need to know about this root vegetable, Cassava is highly nutritious and delicious. The biscuits turned out to be a Historic Snack as it went on to feed the Mauritian Population during the First World War.  A legacy well preserved! Today the recipe has been carried out by the Fifth Generation in 2020 as quoted by Patrick Seneque, Director of the Biscuiterie H. Rault.

Are you excited to know more about the biscuit-making process?

Planted and harvested on the grounds of Biscuiterie Rault, this woody shrub is washed, peeled and crushed before being pressed and grounded, which gives a rich quality cassava flour. BUT, HEY! The recipe is a well-kept family secret (not surprising!) The biscuits as well as the galettes / Pancakes are exquisitely handcrafted. 

Different flavors to tickle your tastebuds 

A pinch of no added dyes, a spoonful of no perservatives and a handful of gluten free gives you this small, organically made, rustic biscuit whose granulated texture will delight little ones and stun lovers of authenticity. 



Seven flavors of biscuits and four flavors of galettes are waiting for you at the factory. Among its flavors, we find the butter flavor, milk, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, cinnamon, star anise and sesame seeds. You will be spoiled with choices and if you can't choose, just taste them all!

Tempted by a trip in the past?

Jump onto this adventure which has been running for 150 years and taste the flavors of the past. The Biscuiterie H. Rault is the living proof, that demonstrates how you can continue to respect years of tradition without being overshadowed by modernism!

Visit this iconic, one and only small factory of the Island and embark on a journey through time. A place where the biscuit manioc is made according to time-honored methods and where authenticity is guaranteed!