Savor a golden sunset with SALT of Palmar

Written on 07/24/2020

We often hear that Mauritius is a medley of cultures, where individuals across the globe met each other, united and created this rich diverse paradise of an Island. An exotic beauty soaked in glorious history, vivid colors and authenticity with just the right amount of Salt in this melting pot For the first time ever, taste the local flavors and look beyond the usual white sandy beaches with SALT of Palmar - The heart of Mauritian life. 

SALT of Palmar caters for an ever-growing audience of wanderlust lovers. Described as an ‘‘humanistic approach to hospitality’’, SALT of Palmar is a place where you can reconnect with not just mind-blowing but also skilled locals.

The world is the oyster and SALT of Palmar is its pearl! Bringing out a culture synonymous with authenticity, respect for nature, discovery and interaction the moment you walk into their premises. The vibrant colours present on the SALT of Palmar’s walls are a true reflection of the colourful people and its culture of Mauritius.

What about a good sleep?

The only sleep you want to have is a good sleep. Garden view, Poolside or beach view, the choice is yours. Yet, there is no wrong choice at SALT as every room is crafted to offer you a comfort like never before.

Enjoy local foods at its best!

What better way to Discover Mauritius could anyone think of as a traveler? At SALT of Palmar, we eat in seasons! Simple menus with daily specials based on their farm’s harvest to the fresh fisherman's catch all are available. On top of that, the eggs in your plates are from the neighborhood, the bread and pastries are freshly baked by the chefs, the sauces are homemade recipes and yes, they roast their OWN coffee. Supporting the real Local culture? Check! 

SALT of Palmar works closely with local representatives to promote high-quality local products, protect the region, the ecosystems and revive traditional production methods.

Learn from locals 

With so much of Information around us, we often tend to merely collect information instead of following the learning process. At SALT of Palmar, Every day is a learning day The Skill Swap platform and Do It Yourself (DIY) workshop is tailor-made for those who wish to broaden their horizons. One can share their skills with a local, learn a new one from a local or both. It is all about connecting with people and their culture.

Fancy to master the art of pottery? Or to learn how to cook Mauritian ‘Kari Poule’ (Chicken Curry) or to make your own bath fizz? SALT of Palmar has a curated list of very talented friends all over the island and as an avid Traveler, you  are invited to share their passion!

Like that of the Local ceramicist Janine who hand-crafted the hotel’s tableware, a set of 950 individual pieces! a 74-year-old basket weaver, Mrs. Reotee Buleeram, created the beach bags for the hotel, while the father and son duo Mawlabaccus and Said Moosbally, produced the rattan baskets throughout the resort. How often do you get to experience local culture to this phenomenal degree? 

What about a good day at the Spa?

Jet lagged? stressed? The SALT Equilibrium Spa got just what you need! As the name says, all treatments at the Spa are salt-based, from epsom salt to soothe, pink Himalayan to relax or black volcanic to detox, you will be spoiled with salty choices sweet for your skin! You can have fun doing your own mix with some essential oils.

The SALT Equilibrium has 5 treatment rooms, a SALT room, Hydro lounge and Body Mind Retail.

After a good Spa day, quench your thirst at one of SALT of Palmar's bars. Three bars, each with 10 cocktails carefully crafted for SALT of Palmar based on stories of Mauritius. What better way to refresh your taste buds than with a unique drink especially crafted for you?

The Pool Bar also known as the Land bears cocktail inspired from ingredients on the land around Mauritius. On the other side of SALT, the Beach Bar also known as the Blue bears cocktail inspired from ingredients from the sea. For a last shot, the Roof Top Bar also known as the Clouds bears get inspirations for their cocktails from ingredients from the altitudes.  

We advise you to try them all!

You can also stop by the hotel’s library which is stuffed with books from Mauritian authors.

Looking for a place to escape from mass consumerism and taste the true Island spirit? Salt of Palmar has curated several packages for you. Get lost in an ocean of sensations and add a dash of Salt to your adventure with Salt of palmar!