Upcycling & Recycling in Mauritius? Yes we have!

Written on 07/21/2020

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, three words which have great meaning behind. Upcycling & Recycling are increasingly becoming part of our life for our greater good. If questions are clouding your mind about what is upcycling and recycling, we got you!

How Mauritius is engaged in recycling and green practices?

With the Covid-19 outbreak, everyone became more conscious about how important it is to care for the environment. Mauritius Island has been engaged in recycling and green practices since long and today the Discover Mauritius™ team wants to introduce you to some of the Mauritian Entrepreneurs actively working to preserve our paradise!

No waste with Recyclean!

As the famous saying says ‘‘no act is too small’’, let your actions speak and this is exactly what the young founder of Recyclean did. ‘‘ I decided to start Recyclean simply because I was exhausted of hearing discussions, projects, ideas, opinions but couldn’t see enough actions.’’ she mentioned. 

Incorporated in July 2019 as a service provider to households in Black River, Recyclean collects recyclables at people’s doorstep, sort them into different categories and dispatch to relevant entities. Three different offers for households are available: the weekly collect, the fortnightly collect and the one-time pick up. For the time being, Recyclean covers specific regions until it covers the whole island.

Recyclean evolves with lots of aims! One of them is to educate people on how important it is to think before purchase. The idea is to create a circular economy and give back to customers, by providing them with the possibility to buy designed plastic recycled or aluminum recycled items. ​

‘‘From waste to wastyfull’’ with Ki Pou Fer

What if we tell you that, from that pile of books growing with dust in the garage, you can actually create something new and use it differently. Ki Pou Fer is here to show that sometimes creativity and upcycling glues well.

With the passion to create a useful and eco-friendly project for our little island, Ki Pou Fer was born. Giving a second life to waste, their goal is to have new products with corporate waste and what people throw away. Ki Pou Fer’s flagship project is to come up with a resource centre and share their upcycling and recycling knowledge.

Wastyfull is a fabricated concept by Ki Pou Fer, it simply means transforming the waste into something beautiful and useful. Ki Pou Fer excels in the art of designing wooden pallet products that can adorn both your interior and exterior decor. Yet, the team works with other materials such as metal, plastic, paper and waste. Upcycling got no more secrets for them!

Add some colours with Grafitag!

Unique, locally-made and fun are the three words which best describe the awestricking creations of Grafitag. With tote bags each more original than the other, Grafitag is here to make sure that you never run out of creative products.

Bags, Pouches, Notebooks, Wooden Magnets, Wooden coasters, Wooden keychain, pencil cases, wooden phone holders are some of the products that you can find. Yes, a lot of wood but that is exactly the beauty of those eco-friendly products. Grafitag also offers a corporate service to local or international companies. If you want to personalize products for your business, you know the address!

What makes Grafitag unique is their kreol text on your goodies, the first company to launch this concept. Name your favourite kreol expression, they print it! From time-waste fabrics packaging to original products, Grafitag is at your disposal. Stay tuned people, a summer collection is on the way!

Why don’t you have a look at the recycling and upcycling wonders?