A Day in Port-Louis, Capital of Mauritius

Written on 03/09/2020

Here are three things you should know: Temperatures can hit the roof in Port-Louis. It’s always buzzing with people. It’s quite a unique place to experience Mauritian Culture on the go. If you don’t mind a little bit of walking, here’s every spot you should seek out if you’re in the Capital!

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Marie Reine de La Paix

Start your journey by walking up to majestic Marie Reine de la Paix along Mgr Leen street. What makes this plaza so special is the fact that you can enjoy priceless views of the whole city amidst a green scenery while the city noise stays at bay! 

To enter the city centre from Marie Reine de La Paix, walk into Labourdonnais Street and grab a small snack at the street’s famous sandwich bar, Aventure des Saveurs to fuel up for your day’s pedestrian adventures. 

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Jardin de la Compagnie

Found at the heart of the capital, Jardin de la Compagnie is an iconic landmark. The beautiful landscape garden dates back to the French Occupation period and is cloaked with centuries-old Banyan trees whose shade you can sit under. 

With a small « bazar » within the area, you are sure to find some local souvenirs and taste the best local foods like a refreshing Alouda or delicious Farata! Well, what better way to enjoy your food than under the deeply rooted Banyan trees of the garden.

The Historic Photography Museum

A trip down the memory lane with the unique Photography Museum of the island. Found at the far end of the charming Vieux Conseil Street, the museum houses photographs dating back from the 1800s and the lens of the first camera dating from 1839.

Live Art in real time at Caudan Arts Centre

A small detour to Caudan Arts Centre the flagship of the performing arts in Mauritius. Exhibitions, singing and dancing performances, this Art hub is where you can discover the talentuous work of both local and international artists. Little tip: check their website and find tickets to performances you might like to attend.

Eager to know more about Mauritius’s historical facets? The Blue Penny Museum is just five minutes away from Caudan Arts Centre. 

After your trip in the past, head to Place d’Armes and stand in awe in front of the old statues of famous Mauritian figures. However, do not waste much time admiring cause the biggest « bazar » of Port-Louis is right in front of you. Pay a visit to the Mauritian Ali Baba Cave!

Another option, is to visit the Aapravasi Ghat which occupies a special place in hearts of Mauritians. Being a major historic testimony of labourers of the 19th century and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Aapravasi Ghat is worth visiting.

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A little stroll at Jummah Mosque

Port-Louis is a real labyrinth of wonders, taking the Corderie Street and Desforges Street is the best way to witness locals at work and shop for the highest quality cloth on the island. Further ahead, is the way to the Magnificent Jummah Mosque built in 1850s. The Mosque can be visited except during prayer times which is usually on Friday between noon and 2p.m. Found amidst Chinatown with a panorama of Indian culture on the other side, this portrays the beautiful melange of cultures present in Mauritius.

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Enjoying the Capital’s view from Citadel Fort

You’ve come so far, so why not go a bit further and take a ride uphill to the Citadel Fort. Built in the 19th century, this military fortress protected the British Army against French attacks. From the Citadel, not only will you enjoy the city lights but the contrast of the old buildings next to the modern ones and the standing proud harbourfront which is hard to miss!

The Mind-blowing green patch of Champ de Mars

If you decide to visit Port-Louis on a Saturday, you are encouraged not to miss the epic horse races at the Champ de Mars. Why not go for a little walk in the surroundings after the races and discover the other side of the Capital.

Engage yourself in a culinary and exploratory trip through the streets of Port-Louis and if ever you get lost, no worries Discover Mauritius™ will help you find your way!