7 Reasons Why The Caudan Arts Centre is The Place to Be

7 Reasons Why The Caudan Arts Centre is The Place to Be

Written on 11/29/2019

Within the span of a full Earth rotation, the Caudan Arts Centre has gifted us with a thousand reasons to fall in love with it. 

Here’s our Top 7 selection and Everything You NEED To know About its First Anniversary Celebration, the Ovation Concert Festival.

The Caudan Arts Centre is a Place where Everyone and Anyone Belongs

Whether you’re a Metalhead, a Bookworm, A Child at Heart, a Concert Enthusiast or An Artist, there is truly something for anyone to experience culture and art at the Caudan Arts Centre. 

Harnessing a wide and diverse range of Cultural Manifestations, this leading venue has impressively hosted over 110 events, including full houses for best-selling Ballet shows like Mulan to French Playwrights Les Theatrales.

From Comedy shows to live plays, Enthralling Dance performances & Music contests to Movie Showcases and Art Exhibitions, there’s literally nothing you cannot find to your taste at this Key Cultural Hub. 

A Dream-like Location you just can’t miss

Doesn’t matter if your heart swings between modern and classic, the Caudan Arts Centre flawlessly bridges both through its eye-catchy yet immersive architecture.

With its several stories standing at the heart of the Capital, this unique Arts Destination’s got that special something that will make you want to step through its doors. 

As an exciting and vibrant space, it exudes inspiration both in and out!

The Perfect Cultural Spot for a Nocturnal Getaway

Whether Summer’s blooming or Winter’s in full swing, the Caudan Arts Centre has turned into the new nightlife trend in Mauritius. While the city goes to sleep, this Arts Destination runs on an exciting line-ups and cultural programmes you can indulge in. 

And if you are in the neighbourhood, you should definitely head to L’entracte. This new chic Bar & Cafe location serves the best revisited international cuisines in the Capital gives you a breathtaking view over the ruins of the old post office and over Caudan’s Waterfront lover’s bridge.

Best part is, it is a place where you’ll often bump into great acoustic sets and good music while sipping on your cocktail!

Caudan Arts Centre is an Artist Sanctuary 

Promoting Arts and Culture goes way beyond simply attending a concert. It is also about providing a platform to those whose voices haven’t (yet) been heard.

Not only did the Caudan Arts Centre welcome Big Names from France, Germany, India, Japan & China, and Mauritius such as Linley Marthe, Laura Beg, Blakkayo & Group Latanier, it’s equally acted as a stepping stone for emerging artists like Annega!

Embodying the local version of Broadway, it’s also enabled home-grown Caudan Live Winners from 2018 to perform in front of a large audience earlier this year!

A Fantastic Window to Cultural Discovery

Since its creation a year ago, the Caudan Arts Centre has been a key player in redefining what it means to experience culture differently. Taking the cultural scene by storm, it’s tingled people’s interest for Arts both locally and regionally. 

Where culture was once not accessible to one and all, the Caudan Arts Centre has achieved where others have failed by becoming a true, accessible and affordable window to Cultural discovery. 

Have You Been to The Rooftop?

If you thought you couldn’t get any closer to the skies, then you definitely haven’t yet visited the Caudan Arts Centre Rooftop.

About a month ago, the incredible location unveiled the beauty of its own Hanging gardens on the occasion of the Official Launch of Debut artist Annega.

Made for a fun and high-spirited crowd, here’s a place that overlooks the Marina Bay from one end and Signal Mountain on the other, that you’ll die to go back to!

http://www.annega.muOvation Concert is about to take your breath away!

Speaking of which, did we mention that part of the Ovation is going to take place on The Rooftop itself?

On the occasion of its cotton anniversary, L’entracte will kickstart this exceptional Art Festival as from 2pm with local artist Bicka, Emlyn’s soulful voice and keep you on your toes with Kreol Jazz Pioneers!

If you’re in for a good laugh, make sure you don’t miss Mauritius most thriving comedians Vincent Duvergé, Yousoof Elahee in the theatres. 

And if you’ve got young ones, let them tag along so they can also enjoy this incredible cultural festival!

Next in line will be Laglwar’s Famous Music Formation The Prophecy & Established Mauritian Artist Blakkayo along with up-and-coming rock bands such as Crossbreed Supersoul & Morigan!

Intertwined with Dance shows by O Re Piya and Exoplanet Art Installation by Multi-dimensional Artist Kim Yip Tong, Ovation Concert will culminate with a breathtaking Live Fire Show. 

Haven’t grabbed your tickets yet? Get yours right away and save your spot for tomorrow!