Time For A Sweet Summer Escape on Eastern Mauritian Islets

Time For A Sweet Summer Escape on Eastern Mauritian Islets

Written on 11/06/2019

While planning your trip to Mauritius, you’ve been stumbling upon tons of photos of majestic waterfalls, endless powder sand beaches and colourful local cultural scenes.

Yes, Expectations matter - The picture-perfect things-to-do you’ve been dreaming of CAN turn to reality with TerrOcean. Here’s How.

Take The Road Less Travelled

One of the best ways to marry picturesque landscapes and crystal clear lagoon is to head East. Although they might not be as popular as the main destination, you’ll soon find that several islets sit off the eastern shores of Mauritius.

Trou d'Eau Douce. Source: Awesome Journeys

And they’re as worth visiting as anything else in the world, whether you’re off for a Family Trip or A Romantic Adventure with your Other Half. 

With several stops along the way, here are some of the places you can end up in.

Snorkelling at Blue Bay

Getting where you want is pretty simple: Gear up for a speedboat trip with TerrOcean.

With six departure points namely from Saint-Géran, Long Beach, Prince Maurice, Four Seasons, Anahita and Shangri-La, get ready to be amazed by the turquoise blue water of the Mauritian lagoons at Trou d'Eau Douce, Eau Bleu, Blue Bay and more. 

Explore A Stretch of Paradise at Ile aux Cerfs

Experience the thalassic buzzing world of underwater life and colorful corals by taking a swim across the calm clear water of Ile aux Cerfs with TerrOcean.

As an islet, Iles aux Cerfs offers a variety of things you can tick off from your bucket list, including diving into the largest lagoon of Mauritius, parasailing or simply enjoying a proper tanning session while sipping on a cocktail.

Do terms like Ox Wood, Pipe Wood, Rat wood and Bottle Palm ring a bell to you? Aside from water activities and on-land fun adventures, Ile aux Cerfs is home to numerous trees you can rarely find elsewhere.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll even get a chance to see rare orchids in full bloom!

Ride Down Grand River South East For Untouched Scenery

Source: Flickr

The Grand South-Eastern River is the longest river of Mauritius with the most beautiful waterfalls and dies down near a beautiful Island called Ile aux Phare which is only accessible by boat.

This tiny rocky island located at the Grand Port Bay hosts a time-defying lighthouse which still stands tall today. 

The particularity of this islet is its diversity of sea urchins, an ideal place for you to take a dive if you’re up for an underwater expedition.

From fun facts to a piece of history, Terrocean Travel Guides make sure you don’t miss anything while you visit both the islets and spectacular waterfalls of Eau Bleue along the way.

Craving A Lavish BBQ on A Lost Mauritian Islet?

Source: Saveur 

Let’s face it. What would warm summer days be like without a Lavish Lunch outdoors?

After you’re done enjoying rip-roaring nautical activities of the likes of kayaking, diving, snorkelling and boat trips to breathtaking islets, ride to a lost Mauritian islet to enjoy a variety of BBQ selection such as freshly-picked lobsters, fish, chicken and sausages.

Now, the last big question is: Are you going to go for a homemade cocktail, a chilled glass of wine, a couple of beers or a local arome-infused rum?

From rhythmic soft waves crashing on the shore, incredible boat rides, visiting hidden waterfall gems to experiencing bird’s eye views of the East, make your trip memorable with Terrocean.

And yes, it's a trip you can even customize yourself as per your wildest desires!