Kaz'Out - A Sneak Peek into A Breathtaking Artist Line-Up

Kaz'Out - A Sneak Peek into A Breathtaking Artist Line-Up

Written on 10/29/2019

Kaz'Out Festival is at the door.

And you must be wondering about the artist line-up you'll get to enjoy by now. Let us walk you through it!

Bringing together a talented flock of international and local artists including The Prophecy and Hans Nayna , here's an aperçu of what awaits you this coming first of November.

Just like Roots BlakarolKonnekte  is a local band that delivers melodious Reggae music. Those local bands rule on the traditional Mauritian music, which is the Sega with a mixture of Indian and African sonority. Definitely something you shouldn't miss if you're looking for enthralling rhythms to move to.

Next on the list is Ila Rio, a Mauritian multi-instrumentalist whose talent knows no bound. Ila Rio will be presenting his latest album which includes some Mauritian pop music with his own original touch. Get ready for some exclusive Mauritian pop!

Having made a lot of hustle and bustle around her following the launch of her debute Track "Remember Me", Anne Ga is a young Mauritian artist who will be showcasing some Pop Tracks from her album.

Anne Ga is a free spirited songwriter, composer as well as a singer who made the big jump only about a year ago into the Music Industry. Through her music, you'll feel an overflow of emotions, of storytelling and the positive vibes that this fresh artist oozes. Her new single will plunge you into her colourful pop musical universe. 

The Two - The name says it all! Composed of two fullfledged artists hailing from different cultures, The Two is the embodiment of a roaring passion for music. Yannick Nanette from Mauritius and from Swiss Thierry Jaccard are both musicians and songwriters and their complicity makes us forget the very notion of borders.

It will remind you that music stands above all and is undoubtedly a universal language. With a mixture of Delta Blues and of Creole blues, The Two will shake your soul!

Hailing straight from Madagascar, The Dizzy Brains is a boys band who left their homeland in an attempt to call out corruption, inaction of politicians and lack of freedom of expression in their home country. Raw vintage rock is their weapon to denounce and be heard.

On stage this friday, meet LT Stitchie,  a Jamaican deejay whose very goal is to make a change through his music. After initially exploring dancehall genres, LT Stitchie went on to contribute to the development of the Jamaican music worldwide.

Lt. Stitchie is one of Jamaica's most acclaimed icons thanks to his unique style and powerful vocals. Party people, don’t you miss this!

Along with this wide range of artists, Kaz'Out brings to you DuOuD, a Tunisian band consisting of two oud players who got noticed when they won the BBC – Radio 3 Awards World Music in 2003.  DuOuD has been praised for  their collaboration with blind musicians from Shandong. They will be presenting to you their latest tracks and make you feel the oud vibe!

Our sisters Island’s artists will also showcase their 100% Reunionnese music for your greatest delight. Votia from Reunion Island, plays the traditional music of the Island, the maloya, in its most powerful form. Prepare for an enchanting performance!

Bringing a piece of Rodrigues Island with them, Mannyok, is a group of six artists with a melting pot of influences, just like their home country. Despite being less heard of, Rodriguan music has got something so special you wouldn't want to miss on Mannyok!

Guess what? There is an after party!

Happening at Mystik Hotel, Kaz'Out brings a second day event to allow you to leave your worries at the door and indulge in the flow of tropical live stage performances. A wild After Party definitely awaits.

Manu Desroches is a guitarist, bassist and singer - The kind anyone would describe as the fruit born by Mauritian music. His unique approach to artistry has allowed him to  express things that language often fails at. Having worked with renowned artists like Yoan Catherine, Eric Triton and Jean- Alain Roussel, Manu has embarked on a journey to create his own music since 2014.

Manudigital, is a multi-talented French beatmaker, bassist, and a producer specialised in digital Reggae. He has made a name for himself in the Music Industry globally thanks to his 15 years of experience and has brought a new touch to what is often called as digital reggae.

Adding to the cross-genre musical immersion, SO is a dynamic electrio. Their music conveys the right dose between electronic music and the multi-faceted shades of Mauritian sounds. 

If you don't wish to miss this amazing line-up, grab your tickets - You still have a couple of days left!