Try these Top Indian Restaurants for Diwali in Mauritius!

Try these Top Indian Restaurants for Diwali in Mauritius!

Written on 10/25/2019
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May the light be with you!

Yes, rainy days are finally over and we can now say hello to summer days. As the end of the year is approaching, our little paradise island is getting ready to celebrate. Being multicultural, Mauritius will soon light up to the colours of Diwali. This festival symbolises the spiritual victory of light over obscurity and is synonym to sharedness, which means, your taste buds will also enjoy the Diwali’s sweet treats.  Here’s the best suggestions!

1. Want to experience an authentic Indian cuisine? Indra is here to serve you...

Snuggled in a royally chic atmosphere at Domaine Les Pailles, Indra restaurant is a cozy, yet elegant place which oozes refinery, royalty and grace. Famous for its authentic Indian cuisine, the restaurant is without any doubt one of the best address one can savor a variety of  sumptuous Indian recipes.

Indian spices are for sure a true paradise for the palate and the senses of any, and Indra restaurant makes sure to deliver irreprochable dishes to please each customer.  On the menu you’ll spot many royal dishes, all carefully picked and prepared with the finest ingredients to bring tantalizing taste. Indian masala sauces mixed with scented spices gives a dish of hundred flavours in one plate. 

The choice is yours, Pulao rice together with some assorted naan and Indian spiced fritters, Indra is ready to offer a real and authentic Indian cuisine experience. 

2. Namaste and Welcome!

Namaste is one of the most famous indian restaurants in Mauritius. Found at So’flo Mall and Caudan Waterfront, serving one of the finest Indian dishes, Namaste invites you for a traditional Diwali Celebration as from the 25th of October. With spices hailing straight from India, from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, Namaste’s dishes bring the art of Indian cuisine to your plate.

From the creamiest paneer butter masala to the spiciest Dal Makhani with the assorted indian breads, Namaste is where you can enjoy good indian food within a friendly atmosphere. In order to enjoy this indian culinary experience to the fullest, why not eat with your fingers? Since this is the way to savor every bite! Well, you should never leave without the traditional rasmalai as desert and treat yourself.

3. Dive into the Indian flavours at Happy Rajah!

Nestled into the most charming atmosphere, Happy Rajah restaurant specialized in the Moghul Cuisine and also provides Indian cuisine deriving from the era of Maharajas. Fully mastering delicate curries, Happy Rajah serves exquisite taste of Indian cuisine, originating from various regions of India. A chance for you to taste the different specialties of India.

Vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes, south indian or north indian specialties, different Indian breads, spoiled with choices? Well, why not choose from each carte so as to have all flavours in your plate. A generous thali with palak paneer, rajma (red beans curry), naan, rice, pickles and bombay aloo, is waiting for you!

If you are in the neighbourhood of Grand-Baie or phoenix mall for Diwali, do not hesitate to stop by Happy Rajah and enjoy various Indian taste

4. Indulge into the Indian Cuisine with Sitar!

Located in Bagatelle Mall, Sitar, an Indian Restaurant fused with the essence of modern India. Nestled in a sophisticated colonial yet glamorous Indian setting, from family time to long dinner dates, it is your best escape for a night out. For Diwali is a special festival, why not fully indulge yourself into the traditional dishes of India.

Sitar is an authentic Indian restaurant famous for its dry curries. The palak paneer are to die for and the daals are worth going for alone. You would also find a range of vegetarian classics such as Dal Makhni, Aloo Mattar and Baingan Bharta. If the food wasn’t enough to make you fall in love with this authentic Indian Restaurant, which will certainly not happen, you definitely will with the exquisite and mouth watering desserts!

5. Slide into the South Indian flavors

Situated in the heart of the island, Mylapore Café exudes a very relaxed energy. While the wall-art leaves a contemporary touch, the warm colours and atypical chatris (umbrellas) attached to the ceiling reminds us of the colourful India. 

Mylapore Café is an address where you’d experience real South Indian flavors such as, different varieties of Dosai (a pancake made from rice flour and ground pulses), Madhiyam (a plate consisting of a few selected curries accompanied with rice or faratas). 

During the Diwali week you will be able to enjoy pineapple kesari dessert with a good South indian filter coffee. It is a coffee drink made by mixing frothed and boiled milk with ground coffee powder. Enjoy your coffee with some Indian sweets!

After a good dinner, do not forget to take a ride to gaze at the pretty lights. May the light be with you and to all the Indian diaspora celebrating this auspicious festival across the world - Diwali ki Shubh Kaamnayen!