Digital Heartist TICAL to Perform Live at Pop of Art!

Digital Heartist TICAL to Perform Live at Pop of Art!

Written on 10/19/2019

On October 26, head to the heart of the Island to attend a one-of-its-kind event concept at Kas Poz.

Merging Creativity, Art and Entertainment, Pop of Art! will bring together Multi-Dimensional Artist TICAL along with Body Art Enthusiast Keshini for a memorable evening centred on Celebrating Art at its best.

Now, here’s a name you’ll never forget. Pascal Chellen AKA Tical is an all-round Digital Creator that many would tag as a multi-talented modern-day artist. Drawing inspiration from iconic Japanese Manga sequels Dragon Ball Z and Knights of the Zodiac, Tical took a plunge in the Universe of Art at a very young age.

Surprisingly, it is only about a year ago that the father-of-two first realised the infinite scope of possibilities within the Digital Art World.

Foreseeing his potential in the field, he taught himself how to use Adobe Illustrator by following online tutorials and now owns his very own stream of online Speed Art Channel where Chellen showcases his Digital Portraits.

That was the beginning of a beautiful journey towards becoming what he describes as being a Heartist, a term that perfectly exemplifies everything he does. 

Leaving no tables unturned to pave his way to success, Tical put in effort and time until he was able to save up to purchase professional equipment. Soon enough, his realistic digital portraits caught people’s attention and that is when orders naturally began to flood in.

From being a Rapper, a Producer, a Beatmaker to indulging in his passion for photography and videography, Tical juggles between pampering his beloved wife and young ones and being a versatile digital creator followed by a community of more than 20,000 online.

This lover of nature also founded the Rap Kreol Competition (RKC), a platform that aims at supporting and providing a creative space to young Mauritian Rappers.

Inspired by Legendary Rap Formation WU Tang Clan but also by the beauty of his mother tongue, the Mauritian Creole, Tical is set to release his much-awaited track RAP EN KREOL in a few days.

This huge project gave him the opportunity to collaborate with up-and-coming Mauritian artists such as Kaizeea, Arad Creations, sharp-eyed Drone Expert Evans Anthony and his equally talented young Dancer of a Brother, Numanity, among others.

Chellen told Discover Mauritius™ his family remains a huge source of inspiration and drives him to achieve even more. The young ambitious Heartist is now looking to launch his album as well as start his own Clothing Line called Larnwar very soon.

Recently, his dedication was also rewarded at the TEAMONITE Competition where he effortlessly snatched the 3rd place after he designed a strikingly beautiful T-shirt Illustration portraying Mauritius’ emblematic Dodo Bird.

At Pop of Art!, you’ll not only get to enjoy a live demonstration of Tical’s Rap skills alongside his brother in arms Iyeh Old but also witness live Digital illustrations. He is proof that Mauritius Island is a buzzing nest for young talents.

If you’re eager to meet TICAL, here’s a taste of what awaits. Picture a relaxed and colourful atmosphere and the possibility to watch local artists do their magic in a cosy kitchen bar. What more could you ask for to make your Saturday night unforgettable?

From 6 pm up until 2 am, come check out their work and try out an off-the-beaten-roads kind of a clubbing experience. For more information about Pop of Art!, click here. You can also call on 57963126 or 57050049 to book a table.

Tickets are at Rs250 and will also be on sale at the door. Save the date, people!