Best Universities in Mauritius! Africa's Most-Promising Educational Hub

Best Universities in Mauritius! Africa's Most-Promising Educational Hub

Written on 09/13/2019

While educational prestige was once associated with the west, all eyes seem to have turned to Africa as the next massive and equally most-promising Educational Hub. One African country in particular has been making waves at being outstanding – And that is Mauritius Island. Considered as the best Tertiary Education hub across Africa by UNESCO, the South-eastern island is home to a myriad of Higher Academic institutions out of which we’ve made a curated selection of the best few for you!

Curtin Mauritius, A World-Class Tertiary Institution in Mauritius

In our day and age, tertiary education has become an integral part of an individual’s professional path to success. Choosing a university might therefore be one of the most important life decisions ever. If world-class education, academic excellence and top-notch professional avenues are key elements in your selection process, Curtin Mauritius may be what you’re looking for.

Located on the Charles Telfair Campus in Moka, one of the fastest-developing regions of island, Curtin Mauritius is a top academic institution revered for its capacity to cater for emerging industries. From Banking and Finance to Marketing and IT (and everything in between), the Mauritius campus offers a wide range of international educational programmes from Australia.

Over its 20 years of well-established existence, the campus has expanded its reach across borders and is definitely a plus-point for anyone who wishes to study while experiencing a rich inter-cultural student life abroad.   Curtin Mauritius provides the students with the opportunity to complete their course on any of the Curtin Campuses!

If you’re still wondering why you should consider Curtin Mauritius, let us clear out your doubts at once. According to ARWU, Curtin University ranks in the top 1% of universities globally! If you come across dynamic and outspoken young minds in Mauritius, it shouldn’t be too much a surprise – They’ve probably studied at the Charles Telfair Campus/ Curtin Mauritius. With its strong emphasis on high-impact research, the latest interactive teaching methods and tech-infused programmes, Curtin has positioned itself as a producer of top professionals.

Moreover, Curtin students can enjoy a wide range of high-the infrastructure including sports facilities, student lounges, auditoriums and Smart Learning spaces. They have also set up an International Student Department to ease one’s transition to Mauritius and better their experience.

Aligning affordability and a great student learning experience, Curtin Mauritius strives at democratising education by providing opportunities for aspiring students with financial needs. Empowering students is of utmost importance to the overall vision. By promoting critical thinking and self-development every step of the way, Curtin is paving its way towards becoming the pinnacle of academic excellence.

University of Mauritius, a pioneer in the Mauritian Field of Education

What makes a university great? Is it the prestige or the institution’s dedication to developing a country’s untapped potential? We would argue that it is a mixture of both. Founded in 1965, the University of Mauritius (UoM) perfectly incarnates the values of a research-engaged Tertiary Education Hub – making it one of the top places to study at on the Island and across the African continent.

Throughout the last 50 years, the UoM has strived to engage in a collaborative partnership with the local private and public sectors in order to create a pool of forward-thinking, skilled and innovative professionals. Thanks to its primary focus on adapting to modern socio-economic needs, the UoM prides itself of 6 Faculties, namely the Faculties of Agriculture, Information, Communication and Digital Technologies, Engineering, Law & Management, Science, Social Sciences and Humanities along with the Centre for Innovative and Lifelong Learning.

Here are a few reasons why you should study at UoM. The UoM is Mauritius’ prime pioneer in the field of Education and gathers the largest Alumni community locally. Throughout decades, more than 58,600 students have sat on the bench of its amphitheatres and today, many hold key decision-making positions – in Mauritius and elsewhere.

Considered as an entrepreneurial university at crossroads between Africa and Asia, the UoM has grown into a massive Edu-Tech Hub in its 5 decades of existence – with two campuses, the main one centrally located in Réduit and the second one in the heart of the Ebène cybercity.

It also avails of a Student Centre, a multi-purpose Sports Complex and a 500-seating capacity Auditorium in Réduit and a state-of-the-art Auditorium at its Ebène Branch. On the other end, the UoM E-Library gathers more than 10,000 e-dissertations and above 120,000 reference books one can use at their convenience. The whole campus is WiFi equipped, allowing up to 5000 devices to enjoy high-speed Internet Connectivity.

The UoM’s endeavour to strive for excellence has in no way impacted its ease of access to education as numerous opportunities are provided to students from underprivileged background. International students are also welcomed with open arms and much has been done to make the experience as rich as possible. An International Affairs Office has been set up to ease foreign student’s integration locally through a Buddy Programme but also through regular intercultural on-campus Meet & Greets and cultural programmes.

Going international is another key aspiration of the UoM. The UoM is engaged in a number of international networks: ACU, AUF, AAUN, RUFORUM, WIOMSA, IORA, AAU, and AIU to name but a few.

Since 2015, a Confucius Institute has been set up to promote educational and cultural exchanges between China and Mauritius. Under the aegis of the Confucius Institute, summer camps are organised annually to promote cultural and educational experiences. The institute reciprocally enables a dozen Chinese Students to visit the UoM.

The African Leadership College, An African University Ahead of Its Time

Where well-established tertiary centres have long struggled to adapt to a world that evolves at lightspeed, institutions like the African Leadership University (ALU) have demonstrated how they could be real actors of change through holistic learning experiences.

In less than 5 years of existence, ALU has managed to top the list of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World. This goes to show that being a young institution does not necessarily mean you can’t do the job. And that’s a good reason enough to pick ALU if you truly wish to prepare for the outside world while gaining exposure to global cultures and perspectives.

After partnering with the Glasgow Caledonian University, ALU kickstarted paved its way to success by launching the African Leadership College (ALC) in Pamplemousses, Mauritius in October 2015 - with no more than 200 students. Today, it offers 4 different undergraduate programmes which include Bachelor’s in business management, Social Sciences, Computing and Electrical Power Systems Engineering. These four courses were carefully selected after the founders delve deeper into the avant-garde competencies that 21st-century Africa would require in the years to come.

Thanks to its unconventional approach to academic education, ALC ensures that its students get to tackle problem-solving and up their skills through project-based, student-led programmes that can only help the latter sprout into their better selves. Degrees may matter to some, but what matters most is one’s ability to innovate, to create, to foresee opportunities but also to develop a strong sense of purpose in order to truly impact the world in a positive manner. This is a core value ALU subscribes to.

ALC Mauritius is a fully residential campus that bridges modernity without othering the tropical feel of its location. Today, it provides fully equipped dorms and community facilities to its 300 students.

ALU’s ambition is most commendable as the university wishes to produce 3 million entrepreneurial leaders for Africa and the world by 2035. Today, branches have also been set up in Rwanda and Kenya, with a few more campuses that should pop up in a very near future. The young African institution is definitely on the right track to take the world by storm – And that’s something we look forward to witness!