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Written on 08/13/2019
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In a world that craves justice, several young Mauritian authors have converged for a common cause: to use their passion for writing to create a zeal and better understanding for the art of poetry in the younger generation. As these are absolute noteworthy initiatives, we, at Discover Mauritius Talents™ thought we’d tell you more about them. Driven by the mantra below, these young adults are the hope for a promising future.

Angkush Poonye, A Soul led by Humanity

Angkush Poonye is a twenty four year old Curtin graduate student of Accounting & Finance whose passion goes far beyond his love for numbers. Whilst studying for his Cambridge Ordinary Level, Angkush discovered his passion for English Literature, a talent he had nurtured over the years.

The poetry he writes is strongly driven by causes he is passionate about and aims to engage its audience by forming a platform from which his published work can stir thought provoking discussions. Some of the themes prevalent in his work include titles such as :❝Soothing dawn shall creep in again!❞ which is a poem centred around slavery and refugees ;  current global humanitarian crisis . This poem saw him being awarded first runner up for the 2017 Worldwide UNESCO Clubs Youth Multimedia Competition .

It is through his writings that he hopes that juxtapositions of love and not hate are advocated and shared. The aim of his work is not only to raise awareness at the flight of these happenings but also to transform this and future generations into more empathetic and compassionate ones. Being an upcoming author Angkush Poonye has found that there are limited platforms that promote networking and sharing of ideas or advice to better mould their talents but believes that initiatives suck as Discover Mauritius Talents ™ may help rising artists blossom their talents in various disciplines. 

What makes his craft stimulating is that he is driven by desire to educate . He has challenged himself to publish a poetry book about the journey of an indentured laborer in Mauritius by November 2019. For sneak previews of his future work, stay tuned to Discover Mauritius Talents ™ which will journalize his project developments. His advice to artists is to cultivate perseverance and endurance in their respective disciplines and Poonye equally urges aspiring writers to accept constructive criticism to better their crafts, like he has.

Aamirah Mohangee, the Free Spirit

Aamirah Mohangee’s’ free spirited nature is apparent through her preference of free verse and ode styles of poetry, which are known to be relatively more intuitive due to their free flowing form. She has attributed her ability to write poetry to her continuous development of language skills from being a bookworm, a habit which allows for her to be submerged in thought.

The poetry she writes is heartfelt aimed to emotionally impact youth due to her ability to draw inspiration from her own life experiences and relating it to her audience. Through this platform she hopes that a shared message of healing and formed brotherhood helps encourage emotional growth that can help serve as an instrument for change.

Aamirah's current outlets for sharing her poetic stance are through her Instagram and blog pages.Despite not currently having a wide platform she plans on persevering in hopes of eventually having her poetry published. To date, she has written numerous poetry and is in the works of compiling a poetry book which is set to be released by August of 2019. Furthermore, her ultimate aim is to publish novels, one of which is already completed and is currently under revision.

Notable challenges she has faced as a prospective writer is the enormous competition in the industry and finding a good publisher to take on her work. The former aspect she feels is a much needed element to aid in the individual growth of authors as well as the industry as a whole and encourages  fellow authors to embrace this growth. Aamirah advises  fellow artists in their respective fields to stay true to themselves through their representation of perspective through their poetry  .Her parting mantra on which she lives on is by late Toni Morrison, an American novelist and professor emeritus at Princeton University which says ,❝If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, you must be the one to write it.❞

To purchase the online version of Mohangee's poetry book, click here


Kelly Ang-Ting Hone, a Mauritian Slam Poetress 

Kelly Ang-Ting Hone, is a young lady who was introduced to the art of slam poetry through her teachers’ encouragement to participate in a regional slam competition. This event which took place in 2015 whilst she was studying for her lower six at Dr. Maurice Cure State College resulted in her having a greater appreciation for the art, hence her decision to nurture her talent which came as a natural progression.

She states the experience as having been liberating as it allowed for her to express her inner most thoughts. The works of Sedley Richard Assonne, a renowned Mauritian author is where she draws her inspiration, having largely related to his poem titled ❝Osmoz❞ which talks about the integrated society of Mauritius.

Largely driven to write to a like minded audience who enjoy the endless freedom, The content she writes is contextually based on personal, emotional or situational events; her aim is to find new avenues of self expression. The idea behind her poetry is to express various grievances or taboos that may not form part of the average daily conversations. She therefore aims to tactfully imposing these discussions into the mainstream platforms in which communities use to educate and inform themselves.

To date, Kelly has won the ❝ Nationale slam Liberté Égalité Féminité 2019❞ resulting in her progression to the  "Coupe du monde de poésie slam" and the "Grand Slam National” in Paris, in May 2020. A challenge in which she is set to boldly embrace in hopes of securing a win for Mauritius. Her end goal is to merge her passion for music with poetry and venture more into spoken word performances. She has dubbed with the idea of potentially publishing a collection of poems even if her main priority currently is the completion of her translation program which she hopes to use for her 2020 France slam competitions.

Kelly Ang-Ting Hone's advice to fellow authors is as follows; ❝Do not let your inhibitions stop you from venturing into any future endeavors .❞ Her closing reflections are that advocating for change in the authors industry should not only be an individual but a communal flight as she feels that authors are given limited platforms and recognition for the work they produce.

Krishna D. Pentayah, a Thousand Lives within One

Krishna D. Pentayah had an early onset involvement in the arts; having taken on activities such as the Tabla, an Indian  musical instrument and Jujutsu, a form of martial arts. These influences have shaped his interest in renaissance poetry; a form that includes intellectual and cultural influences. The focal point of his writings include spirituality, human behaviour, the complexity of nature and  science; which he expresses through types of poetry including but not limited to couplets,odes and prose.

The latter focal point being his field of study,engineering .Krishna Pentayah is of Mauritian descent, using his origins to his advantage has resulted in his mastery of Creole, French and English. Not only has being trilingual  helped him open up multiple avenues of self expression but it has also appealed to a wider audience.

The content he writes largely caters to a large spectrum of individuals: from scholars to non scholars; young to the elderly; with its impact aimed at radical change for a better society. Krishna was awarded a merit for having achieved first place for his participation in the slam competition titled ,“One People, One Nation," Through the promotion of his poetry he hopes to network with like minded people who will help him spread messages of positivity and knowledge of cultural values lost through modern influences.

Krishna being a strong believer in numerology has plans to release two books in 2020. One of which is based on Spirituality, Sciences and Art which explores God's existence whilst the other largely on prose and poetry He yearns to one day travel around the world; drawing on inspiration from various experiences to write out his poetry.

Through the Discover Mauritius ™ platform, Krishna believes authors have the potential to be discovered and promoted both locally and internationally.This helps downplay the notion that one can not make a career out of the industry which often leads to lack of regard for one to want to take it on professionally. Krishna's parting words were those of encouragement to emerging authors to continuously develop and master their crafts which would ensure confidence for whenever an opportunity presents itself.

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