The Discover Mauritius™ Talents Night - At the Heart of Culture

Written on 06/27/2019
Panda & Wolf Advertising Agency

Last Friday, International Music Day was celebrated all across the globe - and Paradise Island Mauritius was no exception. To celebrate this global cultural landmark,  Discover Mauritius™ hosted the very first edition of the Discover Mauritius™ Talents Night - A creative rendez-vous for one and all topped with a social cause: supporting local artists.

In the heart of the city of Port-Louis, ancestral rhythms intertwined with modern music genres resonated through the streets of the capital. With a line-up composed of mostly unknown Mauritius artists, this central cultural event gathered hundreds for an immersive cultural and artistic discovery. This evening had a very precise goal, which was to provide young local talents with the opportunity to interact with International and Mauritian decision-makers towards exploring collaborative avenues for the advancement of culture on the Island.

From the fierceness of creole rap by A4C to the jazzy vibes of Maluhia topped with a variety of covers beautifully performed by the young performers from Lasours, the entire evening revolved around indulging in a myriads of artistic styles. Other performances included  Koro Dantan, Damo and Kavi Joganah. These young artists were featured on the Discover Mauritius™ stage, for the greatest pleasure of all - aided by modern instruments like the guitar, the xylophone and drums merged with the unconventional touch of less conventional instruments like the Australian didgeeridoo and locally handcrafted sound beat makers.

 "We were very happy to share our music with the audience last Friday. It was a first for us and we truly enjoyed meeting and interacting with local and international decision-makers - keeping in mind that our objective is to get people to support our work" , collectively said the performers.

Overcoming disability was one of the highlights of this beautiful night. Lasours, the youngest band explained that one of their top objective was to positively impact the younger generation, especially now that social issues like drug abuse and violence have become increasingly recurrent among the youth.  "Today, young people are significantly affected by issues like drug abuse. Through our music and performances, we want to show that there are different paths to be explored for the overall advancement of the youth." said Shane, one of the band members from Lasours.

As the ultimate goal of Discover Mauritius™ is to make foreigners and mauritians discover the beauty of the island in the most autonomous way, this first-of-many-more cultural manifestation conveyed a strong message - One that highlighted the importance of supporting the local community of artists to further promote culture across borders.

Besides, this is why the Discover Mauritius™ Radio was recently launched, so as to brighten up the artistic scene by putting under the spotlight Mauritian music in an exclusive manner.

Furthermore, users now have the opportunity to discover these artists through the Talents Corner on the Discover Mauritius™ YouTube channel. Through the Talents Corner, the aim is to help local artists by bringing them all the necessary support to aid their professionalisation and their gaining more visibility - whether in Mauritius or abroad.