10 Reasons Why Discover (Mauritius)™ is Useful to Locals and Foreigners!

Written on 04/23/2019
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You may have lived in Mauritius your entire life but how much of its beauty have you seen? Wouldn’t you like to explore it in quest of its most beautiful gems and spots?  If you’re in for an incredible journey, tie your belts and grab your Discover (Mauritius)™ App because here’s how it can be useful to you too!

Find the nearest points of interest in a few clicks!


Wherever you live on the island, Discover (Mauritius)™ will help you find nearby places to visit around you thanks to its offline tech and geolocalisation tools. Want to try new restaurants, stores and other places of interest? An array of places to visit that you may not know about can be found in the “Things to do” section. Plus, with our ongoing push notification alert system, you will instantly receive messages about nearby places that are worth a stop!

Don't Miss the Latest Offers!

Whether you are a tourist or not, budget is something a lot of people pay attention to when picking the places they go to. With all the restaurants, activities, products, services, shops and other facilities put forward by Discover (Mauritius)™, you as a local or expat will be the first to know about ongoing deals and promotions! All you have to do is either click on the push messages you receive or access all your them from your Profile whenever you feel like it. Who can say no to spending little and making the most of this small haven we live in?

Listen to 100% Mauritian Music All Day, Every Day!

Freshly launched onto the App, Discover (Mauritius)™ Radio enables users to listen to 100% local music! Thanks to this platform, you’ll get the chance to discover new artists you may not have heard about and to enjoy local tracks packed with rhythms and local vibes! By using our app to listen to them, you help in supporting the musical sphere of Mauritius by sharing it everywhere. Plus, you'll basically have a fun modern-day Mauritian walkman you can carry wherever you go!

Chat with other Locals and Travelers !

Did you know that it is possible to connect with other people on Discover (Mauritius)™ ? Well, in the section “Travelers Around You”, you are able to talk to people from wherever they are. The world is a global culture and Mauritius is no exception to it. Share ours with other people living abroad and learn from them as well.

Read the Latest News about Mauritius!

As soon as you open the app, Discover (Mauritius)™ suggests you some articles that are worth a read. You might certainly ask yourself: “How are they helpful to me as a local?” Simple: Check out our articles about what’s going on in the island to make the most of it! Wondering where to bring your kids? Or what to do when visiting the capital? Find out more on our App!

Share your Photos of Paradise with the World!

In just one click, it is possible to capture a moment that can last forever: A sunset, a mesmerising view from a mountain top, wildlife animals in a park, a rainbow of colors on a vegetable stall at the market and so much more! Store and share these artworks on Discover (Mauritius)™. By sharing these photographs on our app, you help in promoting the beauty of your island with people from abroad, making them want to come and see it with their own eyes!

Find incredible places to stay at for the weekend! 

Relaxation is all you need after a hectic week at work! Hotels, B&B, holiday homes, lodges… All these accommodation options are not meant just for people coming from abroad. It is possible for you to find that one picture perfect place to take a break from your daily routine. Check out the ‘Places to stay’ to access a list of accommodations with all required details that will fit your needs and wants are available on Discover (Mauritius)™!

Share your reviews with other users!

You have visited a restaurant and had an amazing experience there? Why not share your experiences with others on our app so they can enjoy it too? Recommend and review your favourite places in Mauritius to help people find their way around but also the most authentic, and worth-a-stop spots!

Be the First to know about upcoming Events in Town!

Anything planned for the weekend? Want to attend an event? But which one? Find out about the latest happenings on the island! To do just that, check out the ‘Events’ section on Discover (Mauritius)™ to access information about various events that you can enjoy alone or in groups. From concerts, festivals, conferences, retreats and shows you will always find something to suit your tastes and desires!

 Ask for a Custom Trip Request on Special Occasions!


Got an important life event coming up and want to make it special? Write to us and send us your Custom Trip Request and we’ll help you draft a unique itinerary to make things as special as they could be! According to your request, you will soon receive a list of activities and event options we can recommend to help you build the memories you’ll cherish all your life!

We highly value locals as you help in contributing to the authenticity of the country. Your interaction with people from abroad can leave a positive mark on their holidays so why not help in creating a memorable experience, both for you and for them?