With Air Seychelles, Fly to Mauritius this Summer!

Written on 03/15/2019
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With new Flights to Mauritius Island from Jo-Burg, Tana, Abu Dhabi or Mumbai,  Air Seychelles announces upcoming summer flight connections.

There’s plenty of fun to be high in the sky, that’s undeniable. With Air Seychelles, one of the most respected airlines in the Indian Ocean region, live an amazing experience during your skyward stints. Along with its 200 domestic weekly flights, the airline company gives you the possibility to visit more than 77 different countries across the entire globe, including this beauty of a haven called Mauritius.

Air Seychelles to increase its number of flights to and from several global destinations this summer

With summer approaching in Europe, Air Seychelles has designed a brand new summer flight schedule crafted with care to help you prepare your next vacation. The schedule brought by the prestigious IO airline will prevail as from the beginning of May. Should you be departing from Global Capitals like Johannesburg, Mumbai, Antananarivo or Abu Dhabi, travelling to Mauritius through the Seychelles will soon be the easiest thing in the world! As from 6 July to 26 October 2019, flights between the two islands will be available on Saturday nights, enabling you to have a wider choice of when you want to travel, no matter where you come from.

Air Seychelles took home four prestigious World Travel Awards at the 2017 WTA.

Having worked with several remarkable airlines companies in 2018, mainly from Europe, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and the Arabian Gulf, Air Seychelles has been able to ensure  the safety and successful travels of more than 454,970 inbound and outbound tourists from and to the Seychelles, making it a trustworthy brand.

From The Seychelles to Mauritius Island in a blink of an eye

In less than three hours, you will soon be able to travel peacefully from the “Coco-Fesses” country to the one the paradise that was once home to famous Dodo. Why go home after visiting only one island when you can double your tropical vibes? Fasten your seatbelt and allow yourself to be carried away to Mauritius Island with Air Seychelles.