5 Things you need to know about Mauritian Music

Written on 05/18/2021

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Known as the land of mixed cultures in  the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is filled with rich traditions. Thanks to its remarkable rhythmic influences from Mama Africa and the magnificent  art traditions it takes from Asia, this tiny Mauritius Island is a truly gifted nest of local artists. If our musical culture fascinates you, Discover Mauritius™ is here to narrate the story.

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The Traditional Mauritian Sega Music

Born centuries ago around transcendental bonfires, derived from African influences, the Mauritian Sega is THE musical reference of our dear island. Deeply rooted into our traditions, from the “sega tipik” of the slave descendants to more “modern” ones, a festive evening in Mauritius is never complete until you add a touch of sega music.

The Evolution of Mauritian Music

Passed down through generations, not only does the Sega hold an important cultural place in our hearts but it also inspired other music genres, beautifully flaunted by our local artists. One of the most popular music genres derived from the Sega was the Seggae, a fusion of Sega and Reggae, Kaya was the name behind this enchanting artistic fusion.

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Those artists who marked history

Kaya: The Seggae Man

As mentioned earlier, Kaya is the creator of Seggae music! Known for his contribution towards the struggle against societal injustice as well as his lyrics packed with powerful messages, after 22 years Kaya still remains in our playlist and our heart. His influence was widespread in the form of lyrical compositions and music to express artivism. Kaya left behind a rich legacy of Seggae music and that is the reason why his songs will never leave our memory.

Orizinal Blakkayo: The Raggamuffin Soldier 

Famous dancehall, seggae, reggae, ragga singer and music composer, known by this legendary stage name, Orizinal Blakkayo is a local artist who made his music travel the world! Battling against this destroying scourge which is  synthetic drugs, the message behind his music is still the same “never get trapped by this scourge”!

Groove to the beats of Babani Soundsystem

Having their own interpretation of this rich musical heritage we have in Mauritius, the music produced by Babani SoundSystem is a very diverse yet unique one. A blend of traditional Indian Ocean rhythms mixed with modern electronic influences but having as common denominator the local and regional groove, which is part of our Mauritian identity.

Support Mauritian Artists on Discover Mauritius™

Thanks to the Sega, Mauritius really rose to international prominence. From Rap Creol to modern “sega tipik”, our local artists have come up with incredible artistic projects you absolutely need to discover! Where to have a glimpse of this, you wonder? Through its talents corner, Discover Mauritius™ is where you can experience the diversity of our local groove!

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