Here’s Why You Should Attend Nou Le Morne Festival this weekend !

Here’s Why You Should Attend Nou Le Morne Festival this weekend !

Written on 08/21/2019

Le Morne is more than just a mountain, it is deeply inscribed in Mauritian History. This godsent masterpiece born from the ribs of Mother Nature has a deep meaning to Mauritians, not only because it received recognition from UNESCO as a World Heritage Site - but Le Morne Mountain equally embodies their ancestors’ fight for freedom. This week-end, Nou Le Morne Festival's back to celebrate the power of Mauritian roots and culture. 

Nestled on the western coast of the island, Le Morne Village welcomed the Nou Le Morne Festival for the very first time last year. 365 days fast forward, this massive cultural event is knocking at the door with an even wider set of talented artists hailing from Mauritius and across borders. Set to take place on the 23rd and 24th August,  Nou le Morne will also be a way to commemorate the International Day of Remembrance of Slave Trade and its abolition.

Gathering under 40 local and international artists, the line-up will feature unequalled sega pioneers like Menwar and Desire Francois & Cassiya along with up-and-coming Mauritian artists such as DJ Avneesh, Kreol Rap Formation A4C, Bruno Jean-Pierre, Koro Dantan, the enchanting Emlyn and Debut Reggae Singer Lucky Monkey. French-based performers Kersley Sham, singer Ilhem  and Maryisonacid have also travelled all the way to the island to grace Nou Le Morne’s stage. Click here to view the full program. 

Word must have reached the shores of neighbouring island states as artists from both Sister Island Reunion and Rodrigues are to be expected - namely Christine Salem, Davy Sicard, Jako Maron, Loya and Zabitan. Prominent Performers Bjarki from Iceland, Dauwd from UK and Gianni Denitto from boot-shaped country Italy will also grace the stage. Needless to mention, amazing dancers such as Les Freres Joseph are yet another reason not to miss out!

Throughout this two-days long blend of outdoor Nature, Art and Culture, festival attendees can enjoy a breathtaking set in the Green Village, at the foot of the Le Morne mountain. The Green Village is an almost untouched piece of nature cradled between land and sea at the exit of Coteau Raffin where music will gracefully echo in your heart and mind through and through.

The founders have kicked up this new edition by trading “bigger and better” for “Kicking off this edition with ‘eco-friendlier and coming together’. Not only will festival goers enjoy a mixture of genres, styles and sounds that transcend borders but this year’s Nou Le Morne also proposes a 34-seats camping twined with an eco-friendly living style.

In fact, solidarity, openness and environmental responsibility are some of the core values Nou Le Morne wishes to put across - funds raised will be used in support of NGO Action Développement Le Morne (ADM). This unique cultural festival will also allow locals to participate in the organisation by making sure no one’s left behind.

For instance, food and beverages will be taken care of by local inhabitants. With eco-responsibility in mind, food will be served in nothing other than 100% natural and biodegradable palm plates and cutlery made from recyclable wood! In order to stand tall against single-use plastic pollution, Nou Le Morne has come up with a clever concept of ‘use your own cup’ for drinks instead of plastic cups.

By collaborating with Ensamnoukapav and 4Aces, Nu Le Morne wished to highlight the potential of sustainability in our paradise island. Thinking forward, 100kg of bottle caps are currently being recycled by young entrepreneur Oliver Thomas. The recycled caps will then be used as currency during the festival.

Gear up, if you haven't yet purchased your tickets, click here - Two days of full reconnection with nature intertwined with rich human encounters await!