Ravior Jewellery

Quatre Bornes Plaines Wilhems District MU

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Established in Mauritius in 1982, over the years Ravior has since become a preferred name in the field of jewelry. The name Ravior is an elision of 'Ravi' meaning 'Sun' in Indian and 'Or' meaning gold/golden in French, thus forming 'Ravior' (Golden Sun). As the name suggests, Ravior brings us the dawn of a golden era in the field of Jewelry. It vividly illustrates the brand's ongoing quest for innovation, beauty, and perfection.

Creations are often unexpected combinations of precious materials and non-precious materials like wood, stones, and leather giving an exclusive touch beyond traditional jewelry. Creativity, Innovation, and precision are the ideals preached by their designers, thus yielding supreme quality of Jewelry and providing an uncommon experience for its customers.
The company has received numerous awards as recognition of good work. Over time, Ravior has consolidated its reputation, inland and abroad, participation in Jewelry Fairs in Italy & Paris. Some of the Ravior creations are today exhibited in galleries abroad such as in Copenhagen (Denmark). For more than 3 decades, Ravior has set new standards in contemporary designs. Having being persevered and consistently evolving not only in the trade of jewelry but also expanding and transcending in craftsmanship and for the purpose of serving their clients and partners with the finest of Jewelry Art and Craft. This is not a mere transaction, but rather a value-added experience that keeps the customers always coming back for more.

If you are searching for something unique, Ravior offers a whole range of creations based on evolving trends. These include unique creations based on client specifications, items produced in limited quantity, jewels with a personal touch as well as works of art. What makes Ravior special is the directors’ love for the craft of jewelry and art, their vision of Ravior, and the friendship that unites each person working for the company. They understand the need for the highest level of technology and training. The brand produces avant-garde jewelry that has been crafted with extreme care and precision.

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