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Domaine de La Grave

MU Grand Port District

Named after the Mountain at whose foot it is located, Domaine de La Grave is one of the few remaining proofs that the heavens can still be found on earth. With its unflinching tranquility and reverence to Nature, this unique place nestled in a village atypically called Bananes represents one of the last pieces of virgin forest in Mauritius. Away from the buzzing sounds of the city, Domaine de La Grave is home to deer, monkeys, wild boars and many other species that roam around freely. Its waterfalls, rivers and ponds form an overlay of vibrant colours and shapes, making it all the more charming and jaw dropping.

At the Domaine, you can enjoy various activities such as walks, hikes, kayaking and fun-filled immersions in nature. It is also the perfect getaway from the city as you can spend the night at one of their lodges. Keeping everything traditional, the Domaine’s Table d’hôte offers an exciting and unconventional assortment of local tastes and perfumes you’ll probably never forget and vegetarian options too!

Get ready for a wonderful adventure into the wild.