Mahebourg Waterfront

Mahebourg Grand Port District MU

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If you are in the south-east of the island, with not much to do on a sunny afternoon or week-end, why not head over to the Mahebourg waterfront for a little casual walk? Enjoy a splendid view of the historically defining bay where the French naval forces won a pyrrhic victory over the British in 1810. The Serene ambience far away from the crowd adds a charm to the weather. As you walk towards the waterfront, you can find a few merchants selling exotic fruits, mainly raspberries. Taste the delicious mélange of tropical flavors and explore the calm ambience, and as you do, you will find bits of information here and there about the historic events of the town. You can walk towards the end of the waterfront and see the monument erected in the honor of the ‘Bataille de la Passe, represented with a  nice visual representation of the bay with the position of the different ships at the time of the battle. The whole historic event can of course be found at the Naval museum of Mahebourg.