Crystal Rock


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A large and well-known natural formation, Crystal Rock rises above the ocean's surface off the shore of Le Morne. See the rock up close by hopping on one of the many boat tours, which will take you out 200 m (656 ft) off the coast. You can check out the various activities such as snorkeling and swimming with dolphins that can be combined with your visit to the rock. You can even opt for a glass-bottom boat to watch the marine life as you float above. The crystal clear blue water surrounding the rock is breath taking to experience! We suggest you to visit this site way early by 8:30 or 9:00 am as later there will be a flock of boats traveling back and forth to this site. Arriving early might as well give you the opportunity to climb the rock, but be cautious as the rock is sharp and stony. So please use proper gears and shoes in case you plan to do so!