Robert Edward Hart Memorial Museum

A9 Souillac Savanne District

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Robert Edward Hart was a Mauritian poet born on 17 August 1891 in Port Louis and passed away on 6 November 1954 at Souillac, a lovely beach village in the south of Mauritius. The poet enriched Mauritian literature with many poems, plays, speeches and chronicles. He was awarded the Prix Edgar Poe by Maison de Poésie de France for a selection of poems he published under the title Poëmes Solaires (1937). The poet spent the last 13 years of his life at Le Nef (the nave), a bucolic coral-stone beach cottage erected through contributions made by the poet's friends after his first house was destroyed in a cyclone. Following the demise of the poet, the Government purchased his premises in 1963 to erect a museum in his memory. You can walk into this museum and experience Hart's life through his artifacts!