La Vallée de Ferney

B 28 Vieux Grand Port Grand Port

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As an important habitat for endemic species, Vallée de Ferney promises to be an important conservation and ecotourism area in the coming years. Protecting a 400-year-old forest, this reserve is an important habitat for the Mauritius kestrel and is home to one of the world's most endangered raptors. A visit here throws people of all ages into a luxuriant and breath taking natural scenery, where nature catches their attention right from the start and visitors can also walk up to a coffee plantation, as well as admire the endemic Latania Loddigesii (Blue latan Palm). It provides an unhoped-for safe haven to a great variety of indigenous species, many of which are rare or threatened. Visitors have the opportunity to taste the local Ferney’s coffee in the minimal coffee museum. It is interesting to know that this coffee is planted in Ferney’s garden!