Mahebourg Museum

Royal Rd Mahébourg Grand Port

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A visit to the National History Museum of Mauritius is like travelling back the memory lane of Mauritius’ colonial history. The Museum housed in the Gheude Castle, a magnificent French colonial mansion built around 1770, is located at Mahébourg amidst a luxuriant park of pine trees. This museum contains some fascinating artifacts, including early maps of the island and paintings of Mauritius' original fauna – including, of course, the dodo. There are also a few dodo bones in a glass case, along with those of other disappeared species such as the red rail and Rodrigues solitaire. One real curio is an engraving of Dutch gentlemen riding in pairs on the back of a giant tortoise, a species that also went the way of the dodo. It is worth your time and you will discover a lot of information on what were the foundations of this little paradise Island!