Blue Bay Marine Park

Blue Bay Grand Port District MU

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On an island where the lagoons have been out of place and heavily fished, Blue Bay is an exception! This little bay, which has been listed as a Marine Park since 1997, contains superb coral beds and abundant undersea life that is unequalled in Mauritius. Found South East of Mauritius, the Blue Bay marine park is framed on one side by Le Shandrani Hotel, Blue Lagoon Hotel and the runway of the international airport. It is a well known snorkeling destination as the water is a beautiful shade of turquoise blue. Tourists can also opt for a glass bottom boat that takes you on a journey to show you the vivid and unseen wonders of the marine life. The large, branched and table coral beds covering the ocean floor have earned Blue Bay its reputation. Dozens of fuchsia mushroom corals cover the sea bed in places.