Champs de Mars

MU Port Louis Port Louis

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Established in the early 1800s by the Mauritius Turf Club, The Champs de Mars is a horse racing track that turns into a major hotspot every weekend as thousands and thousands of Mauritians converge towards its premises to witness some of the most exciting horse races. The Champ de Mars is host to quite a few nationally acclaimed races throughout the year such as The Maiden Cup. It is also the ultimate spot for Independence Day celebrations ever since Mauritius’ accession to Independence in 1968. With its exhilarated crowd, its hawkers and its sensational horse stables, a day at the races can be a thrilling experience.

Stand on a normal race day: Rs 175 for men & free for women

Stand on a Classic race day (only Maiden cup, Barbé cup & Coupe d’Or):Rs 300 for men & Rs 150 for women