Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin Savanne District MU

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The Ganga Talao, which is derived from the Indian translation of “The Lake of Ganga” is a highly spiritual place that can be found at the heart of Grand-Bassin, one of the rainiest regions of Mauritius. The Ganga Talao was originally a volcano crater but the legend says the Lord Shiva and his wife once travelled over the Indian Ocean and at the sight of the spellbinding beauty of Mauritius, the Indian God shed a tear which instantly turned into a Lake. Temples can be visited along the edges of the Lake and staircase trails lead to higher viewpoints. A striking statue of Lord Shiva has recently been erected, making the location very noticeable. It is considered as a sacred place by many Hindus which is why each year a pilgrimage is organized and large crowds converge towards the Ganga Talao during a Festival called Maha Shivratri, The Night of Shiva.