Natural Bridge - Le Souffleur

MU Grand Port District

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Out of all the majestic natural features that Mauritius can offer, the South remains one of its wildest and most preserved region. It has hosted some of the most incredible geological happenings throughout the ages and their remnants can still be observed today. One of them is The Natural Bridge or “Pont Naturel” as it is often referred to and is found in a village called Souillac at the extreme southern tip of the Island. Formed by volcanic rocks, its shape looks very similar to a bridge and small holes are scattered all over its surface creating whistling sounds that have led many to label the bridge as “Le Souffleur” which translates for “the Blower” in French. For those adventurous enough, crossing the bridge should be an unforgettable experience as one can observe the relentless waves that come crashing against the Gris-Gris cliffs. If you would rather go for a quieter activity, the area is also ideal for picnics. It is to be noted that the southern regions of the country barely or do not have any coral reefs which means that swimming can sometimes be very dangerous and the sea unpredictable.