La Vanille Nature Park

MU Savanne District

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The park was created in 1985, and its name honors the old vine cultivated in the valley where the reserve of 3.5 hectares is located.

Mauritian hospitality, conservation of nature, and welfare of the animals are privileged in this magical setting, where our guides will take you on an unforgettable visit of the reserve, and where you will be able to imagine what Mauritius was like hundreds of years ago.

The world has an extraordinary diversity of plant and animal species. Unfortunately, many of these are being pushed to extinction as a result of forest clearing, hunting and the introduction by man of invasive species to areas of the world to which they do not belong. 

Many of these species can now only be saved through efforts to protect their habitat, captive breeding for later reintroduction into the wild and farming to reduce demand for wild-caught animals. La Vanille is involved in all three of these conservation areas. 

In addition to the captive breeding programmes in place at La Vanille for a number of threatened species, and the establishment of the François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve in Rodrigues, La Vanille is also involved in other conservation projects in Mauritius and Madagascar.