The Best Animal and Wildlife Parks in Mauritius!

The Best Animal and Wildlife Parks in Mauritius!

Written on 10/12/2018

Mauritius is a den where you will find many endemic species and discovering the Mauritius Wildlife parks is a one in a lifetime experience - making it a true animal kingdom! Thanks to its peacefulness and warm temperatures, our beauty of an island has welcomed wild animals from every corner of the world that you can now see, visit and even play within scenic local nature reserves. Read on to know more about the ultimate animal parks in the island!

Casela World of Adventures

As the biggest animal park in Mauritius, Casela World of Adventures is something you just cannot miss if you’re headed west. Lining the scenic coastal road, this zoo is home to an incredible amount of species, including birds of all feathers, fish with the brightest scales and some of the greatest predators on earth!


As soon as you walk in, the chirping birds, the gentle claps of the koy ponds and the greetings of the ostriches should make you feel like you are entering an entirely new universe. At Casela, you can opt to walk around or use segways and quad bikes for the most beautiful animal encounters. Who wouldn’t be wowed by majestic giraffes or want to feed actual African zebras!

The best part has to be the fact that you can take an adrenaline-filled walk with the lions! You won’t just get the opportunity to observe the big cats in their natural setting, you’ll also get to touch them and enjoy their company at Casela.  Plus, if you’re lucky enough, the cubs won’t be too shy and will come say hi!

And if you get the chance, jump on the Tulawaka ride, the only rollercoaster ride on the island to add to this thrilling day in the jungle!

Address: Royal Road, Cascavelle


Opening Hours: 9 A.M to 5 P.M

Contact: (230) 401 6500


La Vallée Des Couleurs

If your heart has set on the East of Mauritius for your place of stay this summer, you’ve chosen right. Not only has the region retained its authenticity but its legendary scenery is set away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

If there’s one place you n-e-e-d to stop by for a fun-filled immersion in nature, it is La Vallée des Couleurs. Set over more than 450 acres of land, this nature reserve is packed with attractions the kids and you will absolutely love. Famous for its unique coloured earth, the reserve is also home to farm animals like cows, sheep, goats, hens and ducks. When you're done playing with the animal farms, you can make an even bigger jump into the past by meeting with their centuries-old giant tortoises! Don’t forget to look around if you’d like to spot a wild deer, a royal peacock, agile monkeys and rare endemic birds that enjoy all the freedom and beauty of La Vallée des Couleurs! The best way to do so is to take a few hours long walk into the forest or to the waterfall so your family and you can fully enjoy the fresh air and greenery around.

At their geology museum, the only one situated in the Mascarene Island, you’ll learn about the golden days during which towering volcanoes majestically kissed the Mauritian skies. For the adrenaline seekers out there, the 3rd longest zipline in the world and the park’s thrilling nepalese bridge should be a good reason enough to visit!

Address: Chamouny, Mauritius


Opening hours: 8:30 A.M till 5:30 P.M

Contact: (230) 5 869-7777


Blue Bay Marine Park

Who said animal parks could only be on land? With turquoise waters hugging every centimetre of its shores, Mauritius is the ultimate haven for marine life. And one of the best places to explore the ocean lies on the Southeastern Coast, in a piece of paradise called Blue Bay.

Exploring the underwater world is your thing? Or you just want to dive into the blue water for a swim or snorkeling to explore the coral reefs and the creatures it shelters? Chances are you’ll be approached by hospitable local boat owners who would be happy to take you around the water to some of the best diving spots! All you'll have to do is hop on one of the glassbottom boats. Don’t have any equipment? No worries, you can rent them for an affordable price on the spot!

Once you’re all set, put on your mask, jump into your swimsuit and dive in! From gracious calamaris to clownfish families and impressive surgeonfish in a outstanding clear lagoon, the view will probably be the most spectacular you have ever seen. Diving sessions can last up to an hour since there is so much to see. Oh and  Look out for the curious little ones who will want to come and greet you too!

Ile Aux Aigrettes

Want to travel  400 years back in time and find out what Mauritius Island was like back then? Then check out Ile aux Aigrettes!

This small island sits beautifully off the southeastern coast of Mauritius and has become the ultimate nest for endemic species such as the Pink Pigeons, the Mauritian Kestrels and giant tortoises. Being part of an initiative to restore and preserve the endemic fauna and flora of Mauritius, the Ile aux aigrettes is the one place to visit if ecotourism is your thing. Every tour begins with a small boat ride from Pointe Jerome and involves a two hour long walk into the forest. If you’ve come all the way to Mauritius, don’t just stick to the powder sand beaches and the crystal clear water. Here’s your chance to learn about some of the rarest species of the Indian Ocean region and the History of the Island!

The guided tours are taken care of by the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation and will definitely be worth your while!

Address:  Aigrettes Island, South East, Mauritius



Boat Departure timings: Monday to Saturday – 9.30, 10:00, 10:30, 13:30, 14:00 and 14:30 | Sunday – mornings only

Contact: (230) 631 2396

La Vanille Nature Park

No need to travel all the way to the shores of Australia or to Egypt’s iconic river to come nose to nose with one of the world’s scariest blade-toothed creatures! Take a trip down the southern roads of the island to find this out-of-the-ordinary place called La Vanille Nature Park.

More than just a traditional zoo, the crocodile park enables your family and you to be a part of their day-to-day routine in a beautifully green environment while making unusual discoveries. From their funniest residents to the most fearsome ones, you can choose to feed the Malagasy lemurs, lay back with their giant aldabra tortoises or watch the serrated teeth of some 2000 Nile crocodiles close sharply onto their lunch! You can also click a photo with Octar the Iguana or hold an actual crocodile baby into your hands! Adding to their already big family, the park allows you to meet with monkeys, bats, geckos, eels, wild boars and make friends with many more species! If you pick the right day between September and the beginning of next year, you may even be able to witness a real birth! How’s that?

After their free guided tour, we would recommend you make a stop at the aquarium and insectarium to have a look at more than 25,000 fossils!

Address: Rivière Des Anguilles, Mauritius


Opening Hours: 8:30 A.M till 5:00 P.M

Contact: (230) 626-2503