"KANN": A History of Sugar Cane in Mauritius

"KANN": A History of Sugar Cane in Mauritius

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The Blue Penny Museum - Port-Louis opens its doors to the public for an exceptional Art Exhibition on the theme “Kann” until Saturday 12 May 2018. 

‘Kann’ which stands for ‘sugarcane’ unravels one of the most significant symbols of Mauritius by bringing together visual and textual forms of artistic expression on this theme. One thing you will inevitably come across when on the island is the vast and luxuriant sugarcane fields whose long thick leaves softly battle the summer breeze often times. Brought to the island by the Dutch for the purpose of cultivation centuries ago, sugarcane plantations have been the very theatre of the childhood memories of many Mauritians and are represented on the Mauritian Flag by the vibrant green colour. Ever since, it has become emblematic to Mauritian History and has played a crucial role in shaping the economy of the island throughout centuries. 

‘Kann’ aims to put into light the crucial role that sugarcane has played in building up the Mauritian society and how deeply rooted it is in the local collective conscience. This Art Exhibition showcases the various tributes made by late well-renowned local artists and writers such as Rada Gungaloo, Marcel Gabon, Malcolm de Chazal. It also recognizes the work of eminent people such as Darwin and Bernardin de St Pierre. 

If you ever get the chance to pass by the Caudan Waterfront, we highly recommend you take a trip back in time. 

There is no entry free!