PURE: Full Moon Party

PURE: Full Moon Party

Written on 03/20/2018
Discover (Mauritius)

Do you feel the gravity pulling you closer to this event? Is it making you anxious? Well, blame it on the Moon! Step into the moonlit night as PURE invites you to celebrate The Full Moon Party!

Since ancient times, the world has marveled at this shiny object in our skies and yet we ponder upon its mysteries and age old doctrines. As we move to an era of enlightenment, this event seems to be a great initiative to connect with nature in this technology clad world and let yourself lose in the vibration of the Universe. This year, you are blessed by an unusual natural phenomena known as the Double Blue Moon. This is the only time to experience this fellas as the next one will occur probably when you reach your 50s! So why not enjoy this by tripping to some great international lineups amidst abundant nature and by the ever prominent Le Morne Brabant Mountain?

Here's what you can do - Book your stay nearby Le Morne via AirBnB so you know you can party till the moon goes down and the sun comes up. If you are an early bird and would just like to enjoy for  a while and nestle back home, then no worries, there are Vans accessible to bring you to and from the event at affordable rates. As the moon gets bigger, so does the stage! The biggest visual stage ever created at 12 meters long and 10 meters high, there is plenty of space for your groove! Let the lunar influence bring out the artist in you at the Artist corner, get the answers to your incredible life path with Psychic readings through the mysterious crystal balls and tarots, Paint away your soul with body painting and tattoos and of course, let the spirits tune you to a higher frequency at the Bar!

All this fun, you can't afford to miss out, a 1000 people can't be wrong on that! You can book your tickets for the following days:

Phase 1 (18 February – 4 March) :
Regular Experience MUR 1,200 | Ultra VIP Premium Experience MUR 1,600

Phase 2 (5-29 Mars)
Regular Experience MUR 1,500 | Ultra VIP Premium Experience MUR 2,000

Phase 3 (30-31 March 15:00)
Regular Experience MUR 1,800 | Ultra VIP Premium Experience MUR 2,500

AT THE DOOR (31 March)
Regular Experience MUR 2,500 | Ultra VIP Premium Experience MUR 4,000

It's never too late, so start planning your schedule and embrace the energy of this ever evolving Universe!

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