GBLC - More than just a Mall!

GBLC - More than just a Mall!

Written on 03/01/2018
Grand-Baie la Croisette

Looking to buy the latest Handbag? or Tantalize your tastebuds with Oriental cuisines? The only thing on your mind should be Grand-Baie La Croisette! With more than 80 shops, 24 restaurants, Fashion, Entertainment and so much more to offer, it's an all time favorite, prefered by many.

Surrounded by a revamped esplanade, Grand Baie La Croisette, aiming to be a place where you can live, unveils its new face. New brand names, new shops, new spaces dedicated to leisure and new services strengthen the friendly and practical nature of the mall. The restaurants and food pavilion offer a culinary trip which will surprise you. Moreover, the esplanade hosts regular events and happenings.

Be dazzled, as you gaze hig up in the sky to marvel at the beautifying colorful partitions of the Building's Architecture. The open spaces, surrounded by creative store fronts as the Mall pans over a well equipped with an informative map to guide you. And one thing you shouldn't miss out on is the myriads of gastronomic checkpoints inside the Mall! Maybe it's about time, that your grand trip bring you to Discover the heart of Grand-Baie.


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