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The Secret to Fly over Paradise

Written on 02/22/2018
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What do you get when you have Two friends, having a common passion for flying small aircrafts? You get to have an amazing time of your life flying high in the sky! This is how 'Island Wings' was born. A Brainchild of Bruno Darifat(Pilot/Owner of Island Wings) and Gaetan Paquay(Pilot/Owner of Skydive Austral) they offer the opportunity to Mauritians and tourists to see the paradise from the sky. Having a base situated at Mon Loisir and using the runway of Skydive Austral Ltd, Bruno opened a hydro base for hydroplane microlight at the Hotel Lux in Grand Gaube.

Almost everyone looks up at the sky and marvels its beauty and depth. As children, we always aspired to fly over deep valleys and high mountains and with these two, it is even more of a delight to discover one of World's most beautiful Islands from up and above. Currently, they use 2 micro light models for the runway, a Skyranger and a Savannah and Bruno uses 2 other models for hydroplane - a hydro X-Air and a hydro Ekolot Junior. Because the planes are micro light, only 1 person per plane can be a passenger for the joy ride.

The view of Mauritius from the sky is just phenomenal! You can admire the azure lagoon water around the island as well as the emerald color of the sugarcane fields separated by a glittering white Beach. The gentle waves of this crystal clear sea will remind you of the soft foam of sparkling champagne that you can almost taste. People, as tiny as ants from above, going about their businesses and greenery contrasting the sea and glamorizing the inland Nature. From this point of view nothing matters to you than this incredible sight.

Spread your wings like a bird and dive into the atmosphere as if nothing is stopping you! Keep your stress at bay as you are assured of the outmost safety in the hands of experienced pilots and your activity takes place only in favorable weather conditions. It is recommended to make your book a day in advance so you can check the weather conditions as well as charge your cameras to the fullest!

The pricing goes according to the distance you wish to fly. For example, Rs. 3500 for 20 minutes, Rs. 4200 for 30 Min. or Rs. 8000 for an entire hour per person. You take off from the hydro base in Grand Gaube.

Here, Bruno offers flight at Rs. 5500 for 25 Minutes, Rs. 6500 for 30 Min. and Rs. 10500 for 60 minutes per person where you get to fly all over the North East and North West of Mauritius depending of the weather conditions.

Get, Set and lift off on the Island's wings!


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