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China Town

China Town Port Louis Port Louis

Paradise of its kind, also has an oriental side to it! The Chinese have traditionally occupied an important position in the life of Port Louis, and the area between the two 'friendship gates' on Royal Street, forms the centre of the city's Chinatown. Here you'll take in the rich mercantile life of the Chinese community, busy Chinese restaurants and grocery stores, and streets echoing with the unmistakable clatter of mah-jong tiles. You can take a stroll on the pagoda street and let the aroma of authentic chinese street food lure you into many of the restaurants that have been exisiting since long time. You can also find cultural sites and temples that don the sacred red color on them, Streets bearing Chinese calligraphy and text that suddenly transform into another world. You can also visit different stores and purchase souvenirs straight from China! If you happen to visit during february, you will be lucky to witness the Chinese New Year celebrations that are celebrated in great vigour.