Eureka - La Maison Creole

Eureka Lane, Montagne Ory Mount Ory Moka

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Eureka House or Maison Eureka is a unique Creole House built-in 1830. Located in the heart of Moka, Eureka House is an elegant creole residence adorning a colonial house style. Originally owned and inhabited by British and French aristocrats in the 19th century, Eureka house is known for being one of the largest houses on the Mauritius Island, with 109 doors and windows. Visiting the Eureka House offers you an interesting glimpse of colonial life. Filled with antiques and photos of the colonial period, the Eureka House has a mind-blowing garden surrounded by waterfalls of the Moka River.

All the nature lovers will be more than glad as the Eureka House offers them kilometers of tracks dedicated for footing. More than just a house and the museum, the property is composed of many small waterfalls, a variety of endemic plants, lush greenery and rare species which surrounds the house. As you step into the Eureka house, you will step into a world where peace and serenity is at its pinnacle.

In addition to the visit of the house, you can enjoy visiting the Souvenir Shop and The Old Kitchen, where you can enjoy some delicious traditional local cuisine prepared in the old fashioned ways. After your visit of the Eureka Mansion, you are invited to try the dishes that the restaurant proposes for lunch, the menu is as diversified as the people of Mauritius. The meals at Eureka have a typical flavor of the island... Mauritian dishes are actually a blend of
different cultures coexisting on the island and the taste is simply an explosion of flavors.

Some examples of the lunch menu are the smoked marlin with salad, Dry beef curry served with Pumpkin fricassee, Peanuts rougaille, Coconut Chutney, Rice, Lentils and Pickles and as dessert homemade vanilla ice-cream with grilled coconut. Also, the beautiful garden invites you to taste a nice Mauritian tea with different aromas like vanilla, mint or lemon. The souvenir shop found in the compounds of the property allows you to buy our local flavored tea, jams, spices, scented candles and much more...

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Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am to 17pm
                                     Sunday & Public Holidays 9am to 15pm

Bookings are recommended